Pain and Pleasure – Master Makes Me His – Part One

My body is beading with sweat, my breath is ragged from exhaustion. We’ve been at this for hours. Hands tied to the bed and ankles chained together. Furthermore, he places a blindfold over my eyes. I could swear I felt multiple hands on me but that could be just my imagination. My voice has become hoarse from screaming with pleasure after so long and yet we continue. 

“Oh god,” I moan out. “Please keep going!” I begged as his lips brush against my ear.

“Are you sure?” I know he’s teasing, he’ll continue whether I say so or not.

“Yes….please.” My voice quivers eagerly.

I want him to keep going, to break me. Want him to force my sanity to leave me. Above all, I want to be his flawless little slut. Let him do whatever he wants to do to me, be his perfect puppet. Squirming and gasping at his every touch. A brand new shiny toy that he gets to play with. His hand trails down my soft body and on cue I shiver against it.  I bite my lip knowing there’s more fun to come.

“Master!” I plead, my voice shaking.

“Shhhh,” he responded. “Let me control you.”

I nodded my mind wandering to all the things he’s already done. Marking up my gorgeous body with his whip. My entire body has become his masterpiece. I can feel the beautiful red dripping from me in places. My breast and legs feel most of the brute strength. I remember yearning for it to touch me more when my master places a stick against my wet pussy. Remember feeling my entire body raging with heat as electricity sparked throughout. I yelled out in pleasure and pain. A blissful agonizing pain. Screams could be heard from me echoing all around the dungeon. 

“OH GOD,” I screamed out.

When he turned off the stick, my body still spasms as if it was on. My whole body tensing and releasing as a result of the electricity. An orgasm sitting and waiting on the edge. I panted, still wanting more.

“Break me please?!” I beg of him.

Chuckling with his deep milky voice and it echos like heaven in my ears. Yes, take pride in your work. Do you see what you’re doing to me? I think to myself. Do you see how well I’m behaving? Hands start rubbing up against my thighs and I’m painfully turned on my side. My arms twisting from being tied to the bed. Without warning his hard throbbing cock is shoved inside forcefully. 

“Fuc-” I tried to speak but he hit a nerve that stops my breathing and thinking altogether.

I could no longer form sentences. Yes, master. Take pleasure from me. Destroy my body. Use me however you need me. I could hear him groaning. Feel him thrusting, quick, swift, hard motions. Unable to get a breath, he continued. Knowing the effect he’s having on me. I start feeling dizzy, start losing my senses. Watching the world spin. Yes Master, break me. 

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