Outdoor Public Sex – St. Simon’s Island – Part 1

One of my favorite things, as most of you may know, is public sex. I especially love it when it happens outdoors spontaneously. I love nature and I guess a warm breeze against my bare body is just a big turn on for me. When I went on vacation with my new friend, I didn’t know I would be getting the best pounding of my life while hearing the waves crash nearby. I need to tell you all about it in this beautifully sensual true story involving my favorite experience of outdoor public sex!

On my first trip to the beach with my new lover, we stayed on this amazing island. As you know I love nature so the trip was filled with swimming, hiking, and long walks enjoying the gorgeous surroundings. On one of these hikes, I spotted sweat dripping from his brow and as we flirted, his eyes caught mine.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of wanting! 

He pulled me in for a sweet kiss that turned deeper and deeper; until we were kissing and sucking on each other’s necks and arms and, eventually, other sensitive areas. I was wearing this sundress that reached right past my knees and flowed, spaghetti straps that rested on my shoulders, and a striped of blue and white. My hair was flowing in loose curls and I had gone completely natural that day with no makeup or perfumes.

As he kissed and sucked, he breathed in my personal scent and exclaimed how wonderful I smelled. Warmth was rising from my body as the golden sun shone down on us through the trees.

We were in a small area where you could see the beach towards the end of a trail. There was a small opening where we had walked down the path. We could hear others nearby yet neither of us cared. The sound of the crashing waves, the green lush surroundings, and the excitement that we could be caught at any moment drove us to delve deeper into our carnal needs.

In the opening there was a bench and, as we continued to make out, he led me closer and closer to that seating area.

Oh, but we were not resting, not at all!

He pushed me back gently until I was in a sitting position. Then, he pulled my hips to the edge and pulled back my dress. When he squatted, I could feel a breeze rush past my skin and my sweet little pussy began to twitch.

My little soft white cotton panties were soaked when he placed the thin piece of material to the side. He then gazed into my eyes as he stuck out his tongue and began lapping up the silky substance emitting from my tight little cumhole. He lapped with delight and the look in his eyes showed me he was savoring every last drop. Oh, the feeling of his warm breath and  his soft long tongue was absolutely intoxicating!

Soon, I felt my body jerking with pleasure and when I was about to climax, something happened!


Tune into the rest of my true story in Outdoor Public Sex – Part 2 Wednesday…

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