Outdoor Public Sex – St. Simon’s Island – Part 2

Just as I started to reach the pinnacle of the oral pleasure I was receiving, a couple came into the clearing getting a great view of outdoor public sex. They were a bit older and I didn’t mind them watching, but definitely did not want any trouble. With a stunned look on both of their faces, and I am sure mine as well, my lover just kept at it. They did not make a move other than to look at one another, smile and then returned their gaze upon us.

The woman brought her finger to her mouth in a hushing manner and I laid back and continued to enjoy.

At this point, my lover knew there was a small audience that midday spring afternoon, and this drove him further, harder, anticipating that these people would love a show!

Mmm, he was fantastic, he started sucking on my clit and placed two fingers inside my sopping wet slit. He pumped those big fingers in and out of my velvety hole, stretching until he reached my g-spot where he began to massage. My sweet cum cream flowed onto his fingers as I finally got that oral orgasm I craved.

He took a little taste and then gently placed his fingers inside my mouth to let me lick him clean. Once I did, he lifted my legs and removed my panties completely before helping me to my feet. Then, that naughty boy turned me around and bent me over the bench. With my pussy and ass completely exposed, the breeze felt amazing. 

I was so sensitive and so hot!

Immediately, he placed his hand on my back and I arched up even more to meet his bulging crotch. I looked upon the couple and they stared back, licking their lips and rubbing on each other in a very sensual way. They were turned on and I was enjoying all the attention.

I could hear him unzip his pants and after stroking his hardened cock a couple of times. He entered my tight soaked pussy.

Mmm, it felt so good as his big head popped right inside my velvety canal. I could feel his hefty shaft slide in, just stretching out my little hole. The couple gasped as I moaned from the pure exhilaration of the pleasure running through my petite body.

He pumped in and out, gaining speed, faster and harder as I could feel his balls slapping against my hard little button. As I came, I squirted so much that the bench was dripping! When my pussy contracted around his throbbing cock, he came with such intensity! He pulled my hips in, completely bottoming me out. When he finished, I could feel the glistening warm mixture of us running down my thighs.

The couple, still standing there, thanked us for letting them watch and slipped him their number just in case we wanted to get a few drinks that night. I could see the bulge in the man’s pants and I knew just what they wanted! Of course we were going to meet up with them!

I shimmied my dress back down and we walked onto the beach for a bit before returning to our car and, then, our hotel room.

The day was amazing and this was one of my absolute favorite experiences! The only thing that would have made it better is if that couple had cleaned up my juicy pussy, but that was okay because we hooked up with them that night and I got exactly what I wanted. After all, I usually do!


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