Orgasm Denial: Gabrielle Beaten at Her Own Game – Part Two

Ever been so intoxicated by another person you couldn’t think straight? Teasing is immense fun, but this level of teasing was a whole new experience. Being with this man is incredibly intoxicating, and I just wanted more. When a person seeps into your psyche and melts onto your skin, there is no escape from him. I can confidently say, this is what the art of seduction is… Everything about him is alluring and captivating, his eyes deep and mysterious.
The strength of his touch, firm yet tender at the same time, is just another way of teasing me into submission. I could feel the heat and intensity building inside me with each thrust.

I could feel my orgasm building, and I was not going to be able to hold it off for much longer. Watching his body as he thrust in and out of me made me want him all the more. Finally all the time I was denied orgasm would pay off!
When he uttered the words “cum for me!” I was in disbelief. His thrusts grew more intense, and I knew he would cum with me. As my orgasm built, I could see his building, the desire and passion in his eyes captivated me. I clawed at his arms as I reached paradise and could feel his throbbing cock release his hot seed inside my waiting pussy. He leaned down and kissed my breasts… then my lips, and whispered in my ear… “good girl.”

I laid there in his arms, delirious from ecstasy. That was it; ecstasy. The perfect word for the state I was I found myself in.

The most incredible experiences in life are often unexpected. This day I enjoyed the pleasures of teasing and denial, perhaps he’d introduce me to darker pleasures next time. But of one thing I was certain; by following his lead, I discovered a new side of me; I experienced a deeper passion and pleasure level. Too often, we are trapped by a mundane routine, and then someone entices us to explore other sides.

That day I discovered something about life; ordinary is for those who were too frightened to explore the safe zone. Thanks to him, I was no longer such a person. I wanted more! I yearned to free myself from restrictions imposed on me by society.

Encourage others to dare experiment outside of their comfort zone. By crossing the line you may find everything you didn’t know you always wanted. In the end, what will you enrich your life the most the chances you took or those you wish you had?

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