Orgasm Denial: Gabrielle Beaten at Her Own Game – Part One

Ever been so completely addicted to another person that anything or anyone else pales in comparison? I can say without hesitation everything about him took me by surprise, including his knack for orgasm denial. With one look, he made my heart race; with a single touch, I lost my breath. The touch of his lips against my skin, I ached to feel him inside my pussy. 

I am no stranger to orgasm denial or desire, but this was more than anything I experienced before. This man created an addiction in me, his strong arms around me, his body against mine. Every moment I spent with him just made me want more and more. One afternoon I went to see him – He greeted me by pulling me into his arms and kissing me passionately. As if he was a man dying of thirst in a desert and  I alone could quench his thirst. 

I eagerly reciprocated his passionate kiss when he pulled me down the hallway to his bedroom without a word. Upon entering his bedroom, he immediately lifted me onto the bed, lifting my dress and showing my pussy just how much he wanted me. His expert tongue invaded my wet pussy, lapping up the wetness he created. I looked down at this passionate man and realized he was already watching my reaction to his tongue.

Each lick making me wetter and desperate for his cock. Teasing is an art-form, one at which he is an expert.

Sharing his tongue’s expertise was not enough; he added the proven skill of his magical fingers. Making me moan and whimper more intensely, he knew what I wanted. The exact thing I craved, and he had no issue in making me wait… making me ache for his cock. Teasing and denial was not a foreign concept for me, but I have never been on the receiving end of it until him. This man not only knew secrets about my body I never revealed to anyone, but he wormed his way into my deepest and most intimate thoughts: that takes skill and expertise.

“I need you inside me. Now. Please!” the mischievous smile on his lips revealed his evil plan, and I knew he had me precisely where he wanted me. I knew I was addicted, but it didn’t matter. I wanted him. He was my drug, and I needed it now. When I felt his hard cock pressing at the entrance of my pussy, teasing me, I thought I would lose my mind. When he finally responded all he said was “you’re not allowed to cum unless you cum on my cock.” I eagerly agreed, I would have likely agreed to anything. This was entirely new to me. I am not denied orgasms, I am the one to deny them. However, it was obvious my body enjoyed every minute of this and I was curious. Could I obey and resist cuming except on his cock?

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