Oral Sex, The Katrina and Cory in The Elevator Series Part 4

Cory leaned in to kiss me deeply before the oral action. I melted into his arms putting all the desire and passion I felt for Cory behind the kiss. His tongue parted my lips roughly and found its way into the warmth of my mouth, teasing my tongue. I worked furiously to unleash his obviously ready cock to my expert caresses. Cory kept kissing me as he reached around with his hands to squeeze my ass hard, provoking a soft moan which he quieted by kissing me even deeper.

Oral sex was on! I finally got the belt out of the way, threw it across the elevator to bang on the wall, and it fell to the floor. I pushed myself away from Cory long enough to rip down his pants to his ankles. Now that I knew Cory was willing, I wanted his cock in every way imaginable more than anything she had ever wanted in my life. So, Cory’s boxers soon followed the way of his pants. He stepped to the side kicking his feet to free them of their encumbrance. As soon as Cory’s cock was free of its prison he let out a loud moan of pleasure. His cock stood straight out at attention, all eight inches of thick manhood begging me to take care of it.

Taking care of Cory’s cock with oral action was something I was more than happy to do.

Kneeling down in front of him, I made my way to his balls. I began massaging them gently but becoming more aggressive as my passion began to overtake me. Looking up into his eyes as I flicked my hot, wet tongue up and down the length of his shaft. Teasing it while massaging his balls with my fingers. My efforts were rewarded by the slight buckling of Cory’s knees as obvious waves of pleasure coursed through him. Then I began to tease the tip of his cock with my tongue as I pushed his delicious, hard cock into my warm, wet mouth. I was caressing it with my lips and tongue as I pushed it further down her throat until I had swallowed the entire length of his shaft in one slow swallow.

“Good God, Katrina!” Cory hissed through his teeth in reaction to my oral sex skills. I moaned around his cock sending the vibrations from my throat pulsing down the length of his shaft. I moaned even louder with more intensity almost causing Cory to drop to knees in ecstasy. He moved his hands from my shoulders to the back of my head and began to gently guide me. I was bobbing up and down on his cock, licking, sucking, and moaning the entire time. Then I began to feel Cory thrust with his hips as he got closer to an orgasm. I wanted to feel his cum shooting into my mouth. I was hungry for his cum and wanted a huge load. Cory began to moan in time with his thrusts and I could feel his cock getting harder.

It was pulsing with each thrust deep into my throat. 

At this point in the oral action, Cory’s hands entwined in my hair. I continued moaning and sucking making my own pussy juices dampen the thong. I’d never been this turned on with any man’s cock in my mouth. Pussy juices flowing, I loved the way it was making her feel. Suddenly, Cory thrust into my mouth, driving his cock as deep into the back of my throat as he could, and making me gag. In that instant, Cory’s balls exploded shooting load after load of cum down the back of my throat. I swallowed each load as it came, savoring the taste of his seed.

Cory’s cum tasted better than I ever could’ve imagined. It tasted sweet like candy, making her yearn for more. His cock throbbed in my mouth as I continued to suck the last drops, licking it clean, and swallowing the last traces of his orgasm. Cory’s moans began to subside as he gained some element of control over himself following the massive climax.

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