Oral Sex, The Katrina and Cory in The Elevator Series Part 3

Cory had a look of astonishment on his face, but I could see that he was thinking it over in anticipation of oral sex. Gazing directly into his eyes, I watched them travel from my eyes, down the gentle curve of my neck to my exposed shoulders, and down further to linger on my cleavage escaping from my bra. Subtly, I reached behind my back noticing his gaze on my breasts and unhooked my bra. I let it fall to the floor with my blouse. That was all it took, Cory was mine for the taking. As soon as he saw my luscious breasts, I could see his decision was made up. He couldn’t resist me any longer.

Cory let his gaze continue down the rest of my body hungry for oral action. Drinking in the sight of my exposed breasts, slowly and carefully, before he looked me in the eyes again. “If you think you are better than your sister, I’m going to need some kind of physical evidence,” he said with a sly grin. Then he began to undo the rest of the buttons on his shirt.

I stood up and found the bag from the lingerie store in the other corner of the elevator hot to give him oral sex. “Tell you what, you turn around while I put this on and you can tell me if I look better in it than my sister would. If I don’t, we end this now, but if I do, I will show you the time of your life.” 

A sassy, wicked grin spread fully across my face as he shrugged his shoulders and stood up facing the stainless steel elevator wall.

When Cory turned away with thoughts of oral sex, I quickly slipped out of the skirt she was wearing. I didn’t need to bother with panties because I wasn’t wearing any panties. It’s not like I hardly ever wear panties anymore. So, I rummaged through the shopping bag to find the lingerie that I’d helped Cory pick out. It was a tiny flyaway babydoll made of red satin with a layer of sheer black lace overlay. The straps were thin. I quickly fastened the small tie at the front between my bulging breasts. Thanks to my persuasion, Cory picked this particular piece. I knew that I would look amazing in it. After I finished fastening the babydoll, I put on the matching red satin thong, up my shapely legs to place on my smooth-shaven pussy. 

Taking a moment to run my hands through my long dark hair getting ready for oral action, I adjusted the lingerie until it was perfect. Then I turned back around to face Cory. “Okay, now you can look,” I said. Cory turned around and I was very pleased to see the massive bulge in his pants. Cory gave me a very slow “once over” with his eyes lingering on bulging tits. “Damn, Katrina! You do look better than your sister ever would in that outfit.” I know, and my mouth will feel better wrapped around your cock than she ever has or will as well, Katrina thought.

“I know, Cory, and now, are you ready to find out what else I know?”

Hungry for oral sex, I quickly took the three steps I needed to be pressed up against him. I reached down and confidently grabbed his crotch with my hand, rubbing up the length of his cock as it strained to be released. When he moaned in pleasure, I knew my sexual magic was working. Cory leaned back against the wall and pulled me towards him as I worked his belt and zipper with one hand while pulling his shirt out of his pants with the other.

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