Oral Sex Roleplay – Natalie The Hitchhiking Cocksucker – Part 1

I just love the thrill of getting freaky with a stranger! In this oral sex roleplay I’m a sexy girl lost on the side of the road, and you are the handsome man who picks me up. Just how grateful am I? Cum find out!

It’s a very cold winter day as Natalie heads back home. 

I had been visiting with my parents over the holidays and was now making the 3-hour drive back to where I lived. There weren’t many other cars on the road with me. A huge snowstorm had blown through the night before. I drive for about two hours, carefully navigating the icy roads. Just when I think I’m in the clear, my car starts making a strange noise. I start losing power, and I’m forced to pull over. No idea what’s wrong, I look for my phone in my purse to call for help. It’s missing. Probably still plugged into the wall at my parents, so I could have a full charge before I left, “just in case”. And now, I’m stranded. It’s several miles to the next town, so I put on my winter hat & start walking.

Luckily, you find me just 10 minutes later.

You pull over to the side of the road, and offer me a ride. I’m so relieved. “Thank you so much!” I say as I quickly hop in your car & shut the door. The heat is on full blast. I quickly warm up, leaving the bitter cold behind me. I remove my hat, letting my beautiful blonde hair fall around my shoulders. It’s so warm, I even unzip my coat. My slim body steals your attention. You couldn’t tell how gorgeous I was before. But now… wow! You’re speechless! It’s like a beautiful snowy angel just appeared out of nowhere. I notice you checking out my tits, and I glance at your cock. Damn… That’s an impressive package. I’m wondering how your zipper is holding all of it in! You catch my eyes looking at your crotch. We can both feel the sexual tension in the air.

“Mind if I change the radio?” I ask.

“Go ahead,” you reply politely, and I start fiddling with the knobs. You really don’t mind. You weren’t even listening to the music. You’re just trying to focus on the road and not to be distracted by the sexy blonde snowy angel in the seat beside you. I settle on a station, and set my hand in your lap. Blood rushes to your cock as you hear the sensual music I’ve selected. You take a deep breath, trying to stop a boner from popping up.

But that’s not at ALL what I want!

I WANT your cock to get hard! I slowly rub my hand up and down your thigh. Your breathing gets harder, and my hand moves closer to your dick. I’m less than an inch away from touching your dick. I really, REALLY want to know what it feels like. I’m so horny now. We’re both breathing heavily. It’s obvious we both want each other. I look up at you with my pretty blue eyes, look down at your dick, then back up at you again. You silently nod, and feel my delicate fingers gently grope your crotch.


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t miss Part Two of this oral sex roleplay! If you need to finish the story now, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my own sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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