He Oral Sex, Getting a Taste of Sweet Young Aria Part Two

With a hungry growl, he pounces. Then his mouth surrounds my clit, and it forces my back to arch. The heat of his tongue lazily circling me makes my eyes roll back into my head. He grabs my thighs, pinning me in place until I’m forced into enduring a thorough rendering of him giving me oral sex.

My hands instinctively reach for his head and I grab fistfuls of his hair. I find that I have the ability to grind my hips into his mouth, causing shocks of ecstasy to roll through my body. He lets out another growl and one of his hands move to unpin me on one side. At first I thought it was leniency, but soon I find out that it was only to add more to my plate. A finger sliding inside me put all thought of squirming out of the window.

That’s my girl, no need to be shy…” The cocky attitude making me want to protest, but his mouth finally descends onto my clit once again. The moans being ripped from my gut getting louder and more frantic the longer time goes on. Until my grip on his hair tightens and he adds a second finger inside of me. Moving in and out at an agonizingly slow pace. My moans then turn into a soul wrenching groan.

Soon I feel myself building. My core clenching around his fingers. As soon as I feel close to climax, he pulls back with a wicked smile. “Ah ah ah little girl. Not yet…”

I mewl in protest, “please… let me cum…”

Beg.” He commands.

I grind my hips to try and get my release from his fingers, but he pulls them from me and I whimper in defeat.

Beg.” He repeats.

Please, I beg you. Please let me cum…” I beg.

That’s my girl.” A wolfish grin splits his face and his fingers once again plunges into me. Gone is the slow and steady pace, gone is the teasing. He sets a grueling pace, that then proves me unprepared. His lips wrap around my hot button and he sucks hard.

He flicks my clit with the tip of his tongue until I cry out at his assault and pull his face harder against me. When his fingers spear me hard and fast, my juices cover his whole hand until it’s pooling beneath me.

When I start building again, I tighten around his fingers. His head pulls away slightly. “Cum for me Aria.” He commands, fingering me faster, his thumb moving to press onto my clit. The touch nearly blinds me and my mind goes blank.

Cum for me…” His urging finally sends me over the brink and I explode. I cry out, waves of bliss washing over me. He pulls his dripping wet fingers out of me and I slump on the bed. I watch him with half closed eyes as he slurps my cum off his fingers. He stands up and I am met with the bulge of his arousal. I know before he can even say it, that I need to return the favor.

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