Oral Sex, Getting a Taste of Sweet Young Aria Part One

The very first time a man gave me oral sex was shortly after I started college. Being on my own was thrilling! I had made a vow that I would try everything there was to offer, and a classmate in my Spanish class was offering a lot. Tall, lean, dark smoldering eyes that bore into my soul. He courted me for a couple of weeks, asking for help outside of class.

It was at one of the study sessions in my dorm room that he finally made his move. I was sitting on my bed when he stood up and walked up close. Somewhere between “Como se llama?” and “Donde estan mis bragas?” his tongue was in my mouth and his hand between my thighs. I was finally going to get my pussy eaten for the first time.

The longer we kissed, tongues caught in a dance that made my core clench and pussy slick with arousal, the more fire I felt build within me. Then he steps closer, parting my thighs to stand between them, leaning forward to make me fall back onto my bed. The weight of his body both comforting and arousing me further. His hand slides further up my thigh, reaching my apex and enticing a breathy moan from deep within me. He broke the kiss, trailing chaste kisses down my neck, shoulder, tops of my breasts, and lower. Slowly making his way down. Each kiss lighting a fire in my core and stoking the flames. All thoughts on if oral sex was as good as the hype.

Finally he reaches the apex of my thighs.

He pauses then, lifting up my skirt and inhaling the heady scent of my flowing juices. Then he places a slow, chaste kiss on my most sensitive place. The action, even through my panties causes me to mewl in pleasure. He chuckles low and starts pulling down my pale pink panties. Slow and steady, with the panties finally coming off, the smell of my juices start to fill the room.

He pulls them off over my feet and there I lay exposed beneath him. His eyes are locked on me hungrily, and I try to prepare myself for what was in store. He was going to eat my pussy.

“Do you know how bad I’ve been wanting you Aria?” He growls low. The primal tone in his voice making me weak and wanting.

“I have an idea…” I answer coyly.

“Say yes.” He demands.

“Yes to what?”

“First, to me plunging my face between your thighs, then to me eating your pussy… added with a good old fashioned fingering.” His words started a fresh batch of juices to flow and I was too lost in the haze of lust to refuse.

“Please… Consume me.” I breath out.

“With absolute please.” The smirk on his mouth, the possessive tone, and hungry eyes nearly made me combust on the spot. But my consent was heard, and that was all it took to get the ball rolling on my first time. And boy did it roll…


To be continued….

If you liked this story, then come back on Sunday to read Part Two. If you can’t wait to hear the rest, then check out my audio and get off with me! I suggest if you really like hearing about oral sex, check out Katrina’s Office Oral




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