There’s a first time for everything.


 That Includes sucking dick and giving him amazing oral sex while driving down back roads…

Rodney told me that he had never gotten some road head before. It proclaimed this in such a deep voice that I knew it was true.  I was already blowing him with the excitement of speeding down these back lanes. But I needed to slow down and enjoy myself.  While I had several inches of his cock occupied I reached back and shimmied out of my shorts. My best cock sucking is always occupied by my fingers rubbing my swollen clit.

I was able to push my ass up and let Rodney see what I was doing as I was starting to tease his cock with my tongue now. I couldn’t believe I was doing this in the front seat of his car as we drove down these country roads. Anyone would pass us and see my ass bouncing with my head in his lap. Now, just thinking that I felt my pussy drip down my fingers. It was my first time giving road head, but it was so exciting and made me want to give Rodney a much-needed drawn-out B.J. while he was driving. Don’t you just love oral sex adventures with a little hottie like me?


Danger and wonderful oral sex go hand in hand. 


Oh, how my mouth took all of his cock in, and slowly tongued the tip while he maneuvered these curves of asphalt. My hands were still in my pussy and I was bobbing now as I thought about milking his cum. We severed once and he called doubt that was old Mrs. Beasley and he was sure My nice cock having friend was getting some naughty head driving down the road! I had a laugh around his cock! Of course, loved how that seemed to subdue his thoughts of his nosey neighbor telling the town about how this road head incident! I hoped she recognized me. Perhaps the thrill of being caught and how fast we were going drove me to suck Rod’s rod even harder!

This is when I felt his hand slide up my back and part my ass. One of his fingers dipped in my pink pucker-tight little ass and I began to cum on my fingers. But at that perfect timing, Rodney let out a huge load right to the back of my throat. We had run upon a field as he climaxed. Cow’s Mooing around me as I licked his dick for more drops of warm cream.


Even though his blast wasn’t as we were going fast, the cock sucking had been. This is when my ass was invaded and I never knew Rodney to play with my ass before. He can keep that up! I giggled and looked at him and told him we had to drive back to my house now. Maybe I should sit in his lap this time and steer the car! I certainly would take care of his gear shift with my warm wet little pussy! 

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