Middle Of The Night Oral Sex Part 2

First,  I work my tongue over you and take you entirely in my mouth, deep throat, gagging a little. Obviously, I love hearing the gasps escape your mouth as your hips buck up underneath me, driving you further into my mouth. So, I continue to slide your hard cock in and out of my warm, wet mouth. I just love giving oral sex. My right hand firm around your shaft, sliding up and down, driving your cock into my mouth. Next, I suck harder and faster as the taste of precum fills my mouth. I suck harder again, listening to the noises you make, and responding to what you seem to like best. Of course, I deep throat you as I cradle your balls in my hand.

Your hips buck and you pull my hair as if trying to get me off you, the pleasure building too much. Clearly, it just encourages me more and I work my tongue on you and suck hard. I smile at your cock as you release my hair and grip the sheets on either side of us. Obviously, I love seeing you white-knuckling with pleasure. I’m taking you deep in my mouth as the first jet of cum shoots down the back of my throat. So, I swallow and continue to pump your cock in and out of my mouth as you’re breathlessly moaning, thrusting yourself into me, fucking my mouth. I feel you spasm underneath me as you release more cum deep into my mouth.

 I hear you say “holy fuck” over and over under your breath as I relentlessly suck you dry. This right here is why I love oral sex.

Well, when you finally finish cumming and untangle your fingers from the sheets, I lick you clean and smile as you tell me how good I am at that. Then, you stroke your fingers through my hair. I crawl my way back up your body and press my warm naked body down on you. Your eyes are closed, but your smile tells me you’re still awake. You tell me you’ll return the favor after you’ve had time to rest. I kiss you gently on the mouth and you kiss me back. You gently stroke my neck, and giggle as I thrust my hips involuntarily, you giggle knowing how much it turns me on when you touch my neck. I warn you not to start something you don’t have the energy to finish. You laugh again.

So, I whisper good night and slide off you rolling over to my side of the bed. You roll onto your side and snuggle in behind me. I wriggle back toward you, enjoying your chest pressing against my back, your cock pressing against my ass. Your arm stretches over me and draws me into you. You entwine your fingers with mine and kiss my neck, as you fall asleep holding my hand. I love how satisfied you are; knowing I’ve made you feel that good makes me drift off to sleep with a permanent smile on my face. I can hardly wait until sunrise and I find out what you plan to do to me.

I hope you enjoyed this very sex story! Obviously,  I love writing and telling them. Make sure you check out all of my other steamy blogs. While you are at it this audio is a must-listen-to. What are you waiting for?

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