Middle Of The Night Oral Sex  Part 1 

To be honest, oral sex is amazing at any time, but there is something extra special about being surprised by it. So, we all know I am a horny, dirty girl and always want sex. Although, lately I have been waking up in the middle of the night incredibly wet and wanting to be fucked. Well, that is exactly what happened this night. Luckily, you were there next to me. Unfortunately, you were fast asleep. I did not want to wake you up, but the throbbing in my panties was unrelenting. So, I just had to do something, anything! That is when I got this idea in my head. Of course, you would not be too upset if I woke you up with some head, right? Oh, this story is going to be hot are you ready to dive in?

You let out a soft Mmmmm as you feel my fingers. Gently, tracing lightly up and down your chest. Slowly, you turn your head to face me and I kiss you softly on your soft lips. “Good morning,” you say, as my fingertips continue down your chest, to your abs, and gently down your cock. First, I run my fingers slightly, up and down, teasing you, tickling your tip. Your cock responds to my touch as I kiss you again. Then I  start to stroke you harder. You ask me what time it is and I tell you it’s still dark outside and you’ve got a few more hours to sleep before we get up for the sunrise. I tell you that you don’t even have to open your eyes. I kiss you again and whisper “I just needed you awake enough to give consent”.

 As I climb on top of you, I say “or stop me if you want to, but who turns down a blowjob”. 

You laugh as I kiss your face, your neck, and your chest and continue down your body. Slowly,  I slide my naked body over yours as I head south. I look up at you pausing briefly just as my tongue reaches your navel. My breasts rest around your cock. Well, I can see the smile on your face faintly in the moonlight. I ask you if I should stop. In response, you run your hands through my hair drawing it into something for you to grip, and you gently push my head down. I let out a small laugh as I slowly lick down your shaft and around your head, saying “yeah, I didn’t think so” before taking you deep in my warm, wet mouth. Hearing you gasp, eggs me on. I suck you harder and faster, your grip on my hair tighter telling me you like what I’m doing.


I hope you are enjoying this very sex story! Obviously,  I love writing and telling them. Make sure you check out all of my other steamy blogs. While you are at it this audio is a must-listen-to. What are you waiting for?

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