I gave My Friend Rodney some “Road head” for the first time this week. Part One.


I love Oral sex and I want to tell you all about how I sucked cock while he was driving! 

I chose this oral sex story just for you. And I don’t want you think this is the first blow-Job I have ever given. This mouth of mine does have more mileage than it should already! I’m telling you all about my very first time giving a guy head while we are cruising down the highway. Of course, It would not be the first time I blew this guy’s cock either. Although It had been a while since I tasted his dick. Much too long, for that long schlong. Almost two years ago I had my pretty little mouth wrapped around that cock head.

My mouth needs his dick!

His cock definitely needed the attention of my mouth! This cock sucking whore was ready to show him what he had been missing. I know all about how that bimbo he was dating had kept him away from all the girls he had fucked here. I often wondered how he fared in a bigger city with lots of pussy he wanted any time of the day and night. But for now, I and my mouth were very thankful he broke up with that controlling, prudish woman. She might have had the tits and the teased blonde hair, But she wouldn’t even let him have a threesome. What kind of shit is that? Why wouldn’t you want your man to get head and pussy anyway he could get it! His taste still lingers on my lips.

Public sex I blew him while he drove was accelerating!

This time he was going to be all up in this sexy, deepthroat princesses mouth.
I had a plan and it was to get his dick was all nice and slobbery with this oral sex wet tight mouth. It took me two days to get in his pants. Only because all of his friends and family were keeping him tied up. Not in a good way either! They were keeping his aching dick out of my mouth! It was not hard to convince Rodney that he needed to take a back roads drive with me to clear his head.

A nice leisurely drive with my sexy ass as his passenger. Rodney’s eyes took in all of me in my little daisy dukes and t-shirt. My bouncy C tits were free of a bra getting his full and erect attention as we drove down the road. Each bump seemed to create more of a tent in his pants!

The girl-next-door gets His dick

That cock rising was calling my name. Now, we were going pretty fast down these dusty dirt roads. And My mouth was his semi Pubic sex navigation as he kept driving us! My body, and my thoughts had no regard for safety as I Unbuckled my seat belt and slid beside my old friend who desperately needed to be reminded what his dick was for. To be sucked and swallowed until I had a cum shot to swallow. I remember how he told me to get back in my seat and asked what I was thinking.
Rodney knew exactly what Alex, his cock sucking bestie, was up to. I was already unbuttoning jeans that could not contain his erection any longer. When I had his dick in my hand stroking it, I began to drool. We hit a bump and I was all the way on his dick in a flash. My throat wasn’t ready to take him all in like that. My head bumped the steering wheel as Rodney groaned and tried to keep the car on the road. But I was balls deep and I wasn’t going to stop. I did slow down and let him enjoy a lavish tongue bath I give during oral sex he took control of his wheels while I blew his Fuck Rod! 

More of my girl-next-door road head adventures this Friday! Road Head Part 2 here

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