Online Dating – Mistaken Identity Turns Kinky Part 2

Online dating can be a tricky thing, as I’ve said before. Kinky sex stories are what I live for because that always makes for the hottest phone sex. In the meantime, let’s continue where we left off, shall we?

He looked completely stunned at all the dirty things I told him I was into. I think he was trying to process everything I was saying. Rope, whips, spankings, and all the other kinky BDSM talk seemed to go over his head for a minute. Could I get this guy to have a sub/Dom relationship with me? However, after a while, his eyes grew wide and he had that look. That look guys get when they’re thinking dirty thoughts. Every guy has that look in some variation or another and I’ve learned how to pick up on it.

The game was on.

It didn’t take long to walk back to my place. Once we got there he saw all my toys lined up neatly. I had a few different lengths of rope, a paddle or two, some floggers, a gag, and a few other fun things for us to play with. Not to mention handcuffs, blindfolds, nipple clamps, some candles (not just for setting the mood), and a spreader bar.

He looked as excited as a kid in a candy store because he’d never done anything like this before. Nor had he seen most of this stuff, not even in a cyber store. I could tell his cock was already so hard at all the devious things running through his dirty mind.

He picked up one of the lengths of rope and tied my hands behind my back. Slowly, he slid his hand between my legs. “You like that?” He whispered in my ear. I could only nod because the words wouldn’t come out. The feel of his breath so close to my ear made me shudder in the best way. Maybe this relationship would work out after all.

We hadn’t even done anything yet and my pussy was already wet. I was already getting hot because of the way he was touching me. He tilted my head toward his and kissed me deeply. His mouth was so hot and his tongue explored every inch of my mouth. This was hotter than anything I’d done with my Internet Dom.

Your hard cock pressed against her ass.

She was tied up and at your mercy. Never in your life did you think you would experience something like this, especially with someone you met over the Internet. Once you got over the shock factor, the thought of taking control of her and making her yours made you more turned on than you’d ever been. Now, what were you going to do with her?

For the few hours we spent together, I was in heaven. Both sexually and mentally. I hope we’ll have a chance to play together again. I should try online dating more often.


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