Office Sex With My Boss’s Husband – Sophie’s Scandal Part 2

So, I was about to have office sex with this stranger. What was I thinking? Oh well, it was too late to stop the train now. It had already left the station at full speed.

My belly did a backflip as this stranger started undoing the buttons down my blouse. He traced his hands down my stomach to the fasten of my flared skirt. It fell to the floor at my feet leaving me standing there in a white bra and panties.

I slipped out of my pumps as I began to undo his tie and the buttons on his crisp shirt. Then, I sank to my knees and unhooked his belt. It clinked while I pulled down his zipper. My eyes looked up at him as I slid my hand into his boxer briefs and pulled out his half-hard cock. Was I really going to do this in the boss’s office?

I parted my lips and wrapped them around his head. My tongue lapped at his skin and I could feel him stiffen inside my mouth. He groaned softly and pushed his hips forward. At first, his whole cock fit perfectly into my mouth but then I began to gag a little as he got harder.

He pulled out of my mouth as soon as I started making too much noise.

Neither of us wanted to get caught in Boss Lady’s office.

The stranger helped me to my feet and rearranged some things on her desk. He picked me up and set me gently on top of my boss’s desk. Then, his tongue was between my legs. The tip of it flicked against my clit and slid into my tight little hole. He moved it back to my clit, teased it, and sank it deep inside me. I covered my mouth with my hand so that I could keep myself quiet. My belly tightened and my hips moved into his face. I came with a stifled whimper of pleasure.

He rose up and bent over me with his legs in between mine. His mouth covered mine as he pushed his cum-covered tongue between my lips. I could taste the sweet tang of my orgasm on him and it was so hot.

My arms wrapped around his neck as he sank his rock hard shaft into my soaking wet pussy. I bit his bottom lip as he pushed himself farther into me. His pace was slow but steady as he began to fuck me.

I couldn’t believe how thick he was.

My pussy was so tight that it took a few thrusts before it went all the way in even though I was soaking wet. My heart pounded in my head but I could still hear my juices every time he pushed in or pulled out.

Our breathing became ragged panting as we bit back our moans. I came again, my juices squirting a little on his black pants. Then, all of a sudden, he hurriedly stopped fucking me and pulled out. He shot a big load in his hand. It was so thick and creamy.

His hand reached for a napkin from the lunch he brought with him but I stopped him. I brought his hand up to my mouth so I could slurp up every drop of his cum.


Did you miss the steamy set up in Part 1 of my office sex blog? Find it here. To hear me tell this story with lots of extra juicy tidbits purchase the audio here. Check back in a couple of weeks to hear about my next encounter. I’ll give you a hint; there’s blackmail involved. You won’t believe what I do next!

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