Office sex is so good, but especially when it’s with the boss. Cum see what I did to him after leaving him naked and tied up in a cubicle!

“Robinson, where is that report?” I clacked on my high heels up to where I knew he was waiting before stepping in. “Robinson? Oh… what is this now?” I made it sound as if I hadn’t left him like this ten minutes earlier. “Living out your childish little pervert games in the office now are we?” 

He had a gag in so he could only drool around it and get harder right in front of me. His eyes told me everything I needed to know. “Well, we can’t have that, can we? Just anyone could see.” I stepped inside his box before grabbing a pen off the desk, teasingly trailing it up his stomach and chest, leaving a bright blue line. “You’re a filthy pervert, aren’t you Robinson? A filthy little reprobate who wouldn’t deserve a woman’s touch even if you begged.” 

He begged, whining and looking up at me with those eyes. It was about time I got even with him for cutting my lunch short, I thought. I proceeded to draw a couple of crude penises on his skin, droplets of come shooting out of them. “If only I could tattoo these on you. So everyone would know what filth you are.” I wrote the word PERVERT across his chest and his cock twitched. “Oh you like that? Might hurt a little.” I drew the pen down across his hard red cock and jabbed it into his balls. He whimpered. “Well, I think it’s time to prove it, don’t you? Show me just how filthy you are.” 

I pulled him closer by the office chair and pulled the gag from his mouth. Hiking up my skirt, I leaned back on the desk with my legs spread wide.. I braced a leg on top of the desk in front of him then shoved his face against my wet pussy. Eagerly, he lapped and mouthed against my quivering quim. “Oh fuck yes, just like that you horrible little rat of a man,” I groaned.

I had taught him so well! When I first sat on his face, he was absolute shit, but now my good little slut knew how to both eat pussy and suck cock properly. Hm, maybe I should invite one of my boyfriends to come to the office too? I’m sure they’d love office sex. By the time I came all over his face, his own filthy cock was practically purple with need. “Please,” he gasped. “Oh, please, I’ve been so good.” 

“Please? Oh I don’t know…. I did say that you didn’t deserve a woman’s touch. Certainly not any other woman than me.” I smirked at him and straightened back out my clothes. “What do you think… think you can wait for me?” 

He eagerly nodded, the easy little slut. “Good,” I said, picking up a permanent sharpie marker this time. I bent down and wrote MINE solidly on his purple cock, making him moan. “Let’s see how long you last, you little pervert. Oh, and that report is still due before morning.” I set his phone down, leaving it set up to be able to call mine with the touch of a button. 

I turned, leaving him gasping, and strode back out to the hallway. Maybe I’d come back and untie him.


Enjoy the office sex? Let’s have some of our own! Call me.

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