Man, last night after work was so fun. My boss lets me tie him to an office chair in a little cubicle and do whatever I want to him. He especially likes it when I call him a filthy little pervert! Last night I really let him have some hot office sex!

It started off as usual; we “bumped into” each other five minutes after the end of the day and talked about nothing in particular. He mentioned needing to unwind- his code for being ready to be my little bitch. I agreed that he needed some time off- my code for being ready. I mentioned that one of the unused cubicles had an issue, giving us an excuse to slip in there. 

Now, these were the tall kind, where you couldn’t easily see over the wall. It meant that no one who glanced across the room could see me unbuttoning his shirt one button at a time. I had him pressed against the wall, my skirt-clad hips rubbing against his already stiff cock straining against his pants. I left his shirt open as I raked my nails down his chest, then relied on him to get rid of it as I opened his pants and rubbed his pervert cock until it was completely hard. 

Grinning to myself, I leaned in and bit his neck hard, affixing a cock ring around the base of his dick as I did. I took a step back, temporarily blocking the doorway with my body, and arched an eyebrow at him. “Get naked,” I ordered. It always amazes me at how fast he could, stripping out of every bit of fabric in seconds. 

I pulled a length of black rope out of my purse and shoved him into the office chair. It took moments to tie his hands behind his back, then get a loop over his waist, then his thighs, and finally his calves, keeping him unable to move. “You know,” I whispered in his ear as I finished up. “I think I left something at my desk. I’ll have to be right back.” Immediately, I slipped off my panties because I knew he’d protest. And he did, managing to get my name out before I shoved my panties into his filthy mouth as a makeshift gag. “Remember,” I warned him. “Spit out the gag and I won’t fuck you for a month.” I heard a whine in his nose, but he didn’t try to stop me. 

I left him in his office, naked and tied to the desk chair, just barely out of sight of others walking past the small cubical. Sure, work was over, but anyone could come in, stick their head over the short wall, come in to empty the trash… anyone could see him. See him ready for office sex.

That was part of the fun, of course. Our little game. Myself playing the big boss in a tight skirt and leopard print blouse.. Soon I’d come walking by and end his misery. I could never make myself wait long.

Can’t wait for Saturday’s post? Call me! We can play our own little game together!

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