Office Seduction Did I Get The Job, Boss? Part Two

Last time we left off my office seduction, I had just gotten my pussy cleaned out by a man who I could potentially be working for, and you know what, I am not sorry. I have more to the story, and I know you are dying to hear what happened next.

Like I said before. He sucked my pussy dry and made me cum multiple times. The fun didn’t end there, however. He quickly started to unbutton his pants and exposed his long thick 8-inch cock. I quickly went to my knees and started sucking him off, taking every inch of his cock in my mouth, exciting and satisfying him. No one knows how to give a sensual blowjob like I do.

After letting him fuck my throat with his cock, I was ready. I wanted to take things all the way at this point. I wanted to feel his cock thrusting as hard and as fast as it could while inside of me, making me cum over and over again.

Putting me up against the wall, I spread my legs wide open and invited his cock inside me. Making me moan as loud as I could because I wanted more and more. 

Feeling his teeth biting my nipples while he fucked my pussy as fast as he could, scratching his back with my nails, and making him cum inside me at least two times. It was rough, naughty fun and it all didn’t stop there.

He quickly turned me around and started to use his tongue on my asshole one more time.

Licking me and making me feel turned on and crave more cock. I couldn’t believe how sensual he was.

All of a sudden I started to feel the tip of his dick touching my asshole and it slowly started to slide in. Starting off slow and soft, he started fucking me in the ass with his cock, making me moan and want more and more. Inching his cock deeper and deeper, he started to fuck me a bit faster. I loved the way he was making me feel, as I became the slutty whore he wanted out of me. 

Eventually, his cock was so deep inside of my asshole, and he had me right where he wanted me. Calling me his slutty whore, and reminding me how naughty I am, I loved every second of it.

I couldn’t believe that I had just been fucked by my potential boss. I expected that I was going to have to try, but I didn’t realize it was going to be that easy and convincing. 

In case you all are wondering, I did get the job, and he did take in more into account than just the sex.

But the sex was my favorite benefit. I feel like we spend more time messing around than actually working, but what can I say, he’s addicted to my pussy just like I’m addicted to his cock.

He’s actually not the only employee I play with, we sometimes bring a third person in and they play with us, and it’s always so much fun. I guess you can say I’m lucky in many different aspects. And, my charm never hurts.


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