Office Seduction Did I Get The Job, Boss? Part One

I hope this office seduction gets you just as hot as it got me.

It was a Tuesday morning when I got the call. I had gotten the call for a job interview at an office that I had applied for, and besides having amazing benefits, there was plenty of eye-candy for me to look at, so why wouldn’t I want to work there right?

The interview was for an assistant position for the head boss. He was older, very professional, always dressed up and cleaned up nice, I was quite confident that I had this job in the bag.

I knew I had to dress pretty professional, but of course, I made it a point to put on some pantyhose under my dress for a slutty effect. I figured, either way, I couldn’t risk anything getting in the way of me not getting this job. There were other people there for interviews, but I was the hottest looking girl in the room, I knew this would be easy, or would it.

They finally called my name and the amount of anxiety I felt was overwhelming. But, I knew I had this, I was confident. I walked into the office with a sexy smile and shook the big boss’s hand. He was even sexier and hotter up close. Those ocean blue eyes, his sexy body, I knew he wouldn’t keep up this professional act for very long. “So tell me about yourself?” he said. Well, what could I say? I talked a bit about my work experience and why I wanted to work for this company. Smiling with every answer I gave him because I knew he couldn’t take his eyes off me. I felt like the time to quickly undo my first button on my shirt was approaching. 

I love using the unbuttoning trick.

It works every single time and of course, today was no exception. Not saying anything at first, the boss continued his questions, but you could tell he was no longer interested in my work history, he wanted to suck on my tits and have his way with me.

I could tell he wanted me. I could see it in his eyes. He started to stutter on his words, and as all of this was happening, I slowly started to undress myself giving him full access to my body. Starting at my lips and kissing his way down to my pussy.

Every single part of me trembled with excitement as he started flicking my clit with his tongue. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was getting oral right in the office of someone who could potentially be my boss. Although I didn’t care, I wanted him so bad, and I loved the way he licked every drop of cum out of my pussy. He sucked me dry and made sure I was satisfied. Even moving his tongue to my ass and giving my ass a bit of attention, I must have come at least 3 times, just because of his tongue. If his tongue excited me this much, then I could only wonder what having his cock would be like.


Come back on Thursday to continue my erotic office seduction story!

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