Office Oral, Katrina’s How to Get A’Head in Business Part 2

For a little bit, Katrina pushed her tits together and fucked his cock with them while she did office oral by licking and kissing the tip. Then she began to take more of his dick into her mouth, inch by inch. Katrina yanked his pants down further so he could feel her tits on his thighs as she really got to work on his cock with her mouth. She wanted him to feel her hard nipples and soft breasts on his legs too. Once she’d gotten him into her mouth balls-deep, she gave his cock a few deep-throat strokes. She wanted it to last. Katrina wanted it to be the best blow-job he’d ever got. So, she popped his cock out of her mouth and started to lick his balls. Mr. Jones moaned louder than previously and she could feel the tightness in his balls. 

Mr. Jones was building up to cumming quickly due to the work lingual. Katrina would have to play this just right. So, she licked her way back up to his head and cupped his balls lightly in her hand. She worked only the head and gently tickled his balls. Katrina wanted to get him to the point where he was almost ready to explode. Mr. Jones was moaning and groaning as he said, “Please.” She definitely had him now. Just before he was about to explode Katrina stopped licking his head and gently, but firmly held his balls. She looked directly into his eyes and said, “Do I have the job?” There was a pause. She knew that he wanted to cum so badly. “Please,” Katrina said sweetly as she gripped his balls.

“Yes,” Mr. Jones said desperately, “My Gawd, yes!”

Katrina finished the office oral job with her tits wrapped around his cock, french-kissing and sucking the tip of his dick. She let him explode all over her tits with a lot of cum. He let out a satisfied moan after he came and Katrina gave him a gentle on the tip of his dick. Then, Mr. Jones closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair to savor the moment. Katrina used the time to clean up his cum and straighten herself out. Then she went back and sat back in her chair where the interview began. After a few minutes, Mr. Jones opened his eyes. Katrina sat there as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“So, I can start Monday?” Katrina said matter of factly after the job oral. “Monday?” Mr. Jones said questioningly. So, Katrina said in response, “My new position as district manager, sir. I start Monday?” Before Mr. Jones could adjust his thinking and perhaps contradict what he’d said in order to cume, Katrina decided to sweeten the pot. “You know sir this meeting was very helpful. I was hoping we could make it a weekly event?” Katrina said with a smile while slightly adjusting her tits in her bra. 

Once again, Mr. Jones seemed lost in thought, his eyes on her tits thinking about the recent office oral action. Katrina gave him a moment to think and ogle. “You may not realize it, but there are other things I’d like to show you, sir,” she said to sweeten the deal. Finally, Mr. Jones came out of his daze and shifted his gaze to her face. “Katrina, you can start on Monday. We’ll schedule another private meeting for us for next Friday at the end of the day to check on your progress.” 

Mr. Jones said as professionally as he could manage.

Katrina stood up to leave before he had any more time to think about it except the job lingual. “Thank you, sir, I look forward to working with you in the future,” Katrina said as she left. She did it, she got the job and all she had to do to close the deal was give him a blow job. ‘Men,’ she thought, ‘You could lead them anywhere as long as you had their cock in your mouth.’ Mr. Jones thought that he had made Katrina his office bitch, little did he know, Katrina loved giving oral sex. She did not find it demeaning at all. In fact, her panties were very wet at the moment. It was a gift and she didn’t mind sharing it at all. ‘Office bitch,’ she thought, ‘She wasn’t his office bitch. Mr. Jones was now her bitch.’

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