Office Oral, Katrina’s How to Get A’Head in Business Part 1

Katrina waited nervously outside his office door not yet realizing that office oral was going to be part of the interview. She knew that the job should be her job It was so apparent that she had more than enough experience and knew the job inside and out. There was only one thing standing between her and the promotion, the glass ceiling this company held onto with an iron grip. No woman had ever advanced to the district manager position. If they would only give her a chance, Katrina would be the first district manager. She made up her mind and was willing to do whatever it took to get the job.

“Come in.” She heard from the other side of the door and confidently entered even if work lingual would be required. Katrina entered quietly and closed the door behind her. “Katrina, I hope you appreciate how much responsibility this new position holds. This position includes long hours and some weekends too.” Mr. Jones said upon her entering. Before Katrina could sit across from him, she said, “I understand sir. I’ve been with the company for quite a while. You know my dedication and loyalty, sir. I do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

“There can be a lot of stress with the position. Can you handle the stress?” Mr. Jones said. The wicked idea of office oral popped into Katrina’s head. If she was wrong she could be fired, but if she was right she would have the job and almost anything else she wanted from this man. It was a daring idea and nothing she’d ever done before, but she really wanted this job. “I can deal with the stress and relieve the stress too,” 

Katrina said slightly seductively as she unbuttoned her blouse.

Mr. Jones sat up a little straighter in his chair at the prospect of work oral. It was obvious that Mr. Jones was interested. Katrina could see his eyes on her tits pushing up out of her bra and the bulge beginning in his pants. Once she got to the last button, Katrina let her blouse hang open for a second or two so he could get a really good look. Then Katrina got up from her chair and moved to stand on his side of the desk. Next, Katrina slipped out of her blouse and let it drop on the floor. Mr. Jones was speechless but obviously aroused. So, Katrina continued to move closer to him.

“Sir, I know a great way to relieve stress and it’s office oral action,” Katrina said as she unclasped the front of her bra. Then she leaned over and pushed her large, perky tits right in his face. At the same time, she put her hand down to his groin to feel the firmness of the growing bulge in his pants. He was definitely fully erect. ‘Good,’ Katrina thought as she turned his swivel chair so he was fully facing her and her bare tits. “May I, sir?” Katrina said in a sultry voice as she took the initiative and began to unzip his pants. “Yes,” Mr. Jones said in an awe-struck tone of voice. His mouth was wide open. 

Katrina could tell that he desperately wanted to suck on her hard nipples.

As an excellent businesswoman, Katrina was very good at reading people and the perfect timing for work lingual. She knew how to get the deals done and the contracts signed. It was one of the reasons that she deserved to be the new district manager.  Katrina indulged the desire she saw in his eyes by pushing her nipple into his mouth. She was pleased to feel his erect cock jump in her hands as he began to suck on her tits. She smiled encouraging him, but he only had eyes for her tits in his face. 

Now Katrina would work her office oral magic. When it came to business, she was an excellent businesswoman, but when it came to sex, Katrina was a world-class expert at giving oral pleasure. Now knowing that Mr. Jones was a “tit man”, she slid down him so that her tits wrapped around his hard cock and began to titty-fuck him. She looked up and smiled wickedly. Mr. Jones was practically drooling at the sight and feel of his cock between her lush tits. Then, Katrina stuck out her tongue and french-kissed the tip of his dick. He gave out a low moan of please and Katrina knew she was completely in charge now.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Office Oral, Katrina’s How to Get A’Head in Business Part 2

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