Office Fun with Sweet Teen Faith – Part 2

I blushed with embarrassment as our office fun continued. He pulled my shorts and panties down letting them fall carelessly on the floor he began to kiss me again as his fingers continued to explore my pussy. I felt as though I was on fire.

He had me lay back on the desk as he continued to caress my body with his mouth. Starting at my breasts once again, he worked his way down my tight little body. He reached my stomach again but this time he didn’t stop there. He moved his mouth down to my  sweet teen pussy.

I was in shock!

I could not believe what was happening – I had never even heard even of oral sex before. He felt me try to get up, but he held me in place as he instructed me to relax and to trust him. He slipped a finger inside of me as his tongue worked on my clit. I could feel the rapid beating of my heart as my young body was overcome with indescribable pleasure. I closed my eyes as he continued to work on my pussy with his tongue and fingers. My breathing became more rapid as the tingling between my legs became more intense. My thighs felt weak and I felt faint and then it happened I had my first orgasm. I came so hard that I squirted all over his face.

He undid his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees and climbed on top of me. Frank kissed me again but this time I could taste myself on his lips. He guided his cock inside me and with one hard thrust he was through my hymen and deep inside. I winced in pain, and clung to him as his thrusts became deeper, faster and harder.

Again, he looked into my eyes with that intense stare that would not let me go. I started to freak out as I felt him pumping me over and over again. Tears gathered in my eyes and I told him that I was afraid I might get pregnant.

I won’t cum inside of you he said as he continued to drive his cock deep inside my tight teen pussy.

He was still inside of me when the phone rang.

Answer it he said, it might be your father.

“Hello” I said with Franks cock still buried deep inside my teen pussy.

“Hello Faith, its dad.”

“Hi, daddy.” I barely whispered into the phone as Frank continued to fuck me.

“I’m finished with my meeting, but I’m going to stop to pick up something to eat. Do you or Frank want anything?” my dad said.

“Frank, daddy wants to know if you want something to eat?” I said trying to suppress the moans that were threatening to escape my throat.

Frank shook his head no, as he continued to pound into me tight teen hole.

“No daddy we don’t want anything.” I said almost inaudibly.

“Faith, baby are you OK?” daddy asked.

“Yes, daddy I’m fine.” I said trying to sound normal.

“OK, sweetheart I’ll see you in a little while.” Dad said as he hung up the phone.

The phone call sent Frank into a frenzy of desire and his cock got even harder. The fucking got more intense as his cock pounded my pussy unmercifully. I felt Frank’s body tense up as the beads of sweat starting gathering around his forehead. And then with a grunt he pounded his cock one more time inside my virgin pussy as hard as he could as he shot his load deep inside me.

“This is going to be one fun summer,” he said as he kissed me hard one more time, his cock still buried inside me.

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Or, if you want to hear this kinky story in my own words, check out my audio blog.

Thank you for ready my naughty fantasies! 




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  1. Ray May 17, 2020 at 11:12 am

    Very erotic


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