Obscure fetishes can be fun even if they are wicked and evil Part Two

So our sweet little meal was thoroughly satisfied. She had more orgasms than she could count. Her belly was full and we sent her off to bed to sleep like an angel. She wasn’t nervous about what was to come at all. She was completely willing to sacrifice herself to our glorious meal. Obscure fetishes like ours are hard to understand to some. But this girl knew that she was born to be sacrificed. She was honored that we had chosen her.

This girl was so perfect for our needs.

She had a nice round ass, a perfect mix of fat and meat. He legs were long and supple, the skin on them was so soft. I knew that it would crisp up delightfully in the oven. Her breasts were small and delectable. Any bigger and there would just be too much fat for them to be edible at all. She just looked plump and tender and juicy. I couldn’t wait to get the cooking process started! I just knew her flesh would be delicious!

The next day she got up early and came down to the kitchen.

We had to get her ready and part of that process was to feed her as much as I could. She would be easy to work with by the time I was through with her. I made sure to make her end as painless as possible and I can tell you that she was grateful to be chosen for this. I can’t really tell you exactly what happened next, it’s a little too graphic for this blog but let’s just say that our sweet girl ended up in pieces of flesh that were ready to roast.

That plump juicy ass of hers was the first part to go in the oven.

I surrounded it with carrots and potatoes and onions and seasoned it well. Her flesh was so tender and succulent, watching it roast had me feeling things I had never felt before. I was so turned on, these obscure fetishes had my pussy gushing so I did what any woman would have done. I called my friend over and had him bend me over the kitchen table. He fucked the shit out of me while we watched her roasting in the oven.

Soon enough the flesh was done cooking and we were ready to eat.

We were all naked, what better way to enjoy human flesh than to be in our birthday suits. That is the best part of obscure fetishes like this, right? The taste of her was sweet and savory. The meat was cooked so well that it was practically falling apart. It tasted like heaven in my mouth and I just couldn’t stop eating it.

If you want all the juicy details that I couldn’t tell you here, you should really check out my audio. If you missed Part One you can find it here. 

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