Obscure fetishes can be fun even if they are wicked and evil Part One

Today I’m going to get a little weird. Some may even say a little twisted even but if you have a sick and perverted mind I think you will enjoy it. Obscure fetishes like this one are maybe not for everyone but why not take a little walk on the wild side right? Now, for legal purposes I’m going to remind you that this is all fantasy and everyone involved in my story lived to see another day. But if you want to hear the whole uncensored story be sure to check out my audio.

Have you ever heard of anthropophagy?

It’s a strange little fetish but fun. Antropophagy is when you are turned on by Ingesting human flesh. I’m sure you have all heard of famous cannibal killers like Jeffrey Dahmer or Albert Fish but I’m talking about a whole other thing here. I am not a barbaric little bitch! I want my victims to be willing to die for me, ecstatic even. They offer themselves up to me and they know that to die for me is an honor.
Some people may say that this is the worst of all the obscure fetishes but I honestly don’t agree.

There is nothing wrong about being excited by eating someone’s flesh.

The whole process is fascinating and such a turn on. My panties are soaked just thinking about it! I hope you’re getting as turned on as I am.

Some obscure fetishes may be easier to get into than this one but we take this very seriously. Our tributes must be physically perfect to be our meal. They must be young plump women, not too fat, not too slim. We don’t want them to be overly muscular either, that makes the meat stringy and tough. We prepare for an entire year for this one meal. The girl has to follow a strict diet designed to make the meat plump and juicy with a flavorful taste. We make sure that they are regularly massaged and pampered well because if we don’t it will ruin the flavor. Stress makes the meat tough and nobody wants that.

The day before we finally have our special meal is a very important one.

The young lady is washed and pampered. Every inch of her body is massaged and all over her body hair is removed. She is taken to the main room where we can all enjoy that supple young flesh. We want her to cum as many times as possible so everyone takes a turn pleasing her. We do whatever she wants, she tells us exactly how she wants to be pleased and we obey.

For that whole night she is in charge and we must obey her.

When it was my turn to please her, I spread those pussy lips open gently and softly stroked her clit with my tongue. She moaned softly and pulled me closer. I sucked on that clit a little harder and slid a finger or two inside her and coaxed another orgasm out of her. By the end of the evening she was exhausted but so perfectly, completely satisfied.
If you want to hear a more detailed, explicit version of this obscure fetishes story then you really need to check out my audio. I say things there that I just can’t say here! Why wait for part two when you can hear it all now?

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