Object Transformation With Sorceress London

I call it object transformation and it was happening to you. That was what you got for snooping into places you shouldn’t. I smiled as you felt your legs snap together and your arms get stiff at your sides. My panties fell onto the mattress as you continued to shrink.

I held out a large mirror for you so you could see your change take place. Your skin was turning purple and something about it felt wrong. It no longer felt like skin. The purple thing covering your body almost felt like it was made from rubber or silicone.

A glance at the mirror showed your neck widening and your shoulders narrowing. You tried to speak but no words came out. Your mouth couldn’t move and soon neither could your eyes. It was a complicated process but you were able to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel despite not being in a human body anymore.

As time progressed, your new form started to take shape. A dildo is what you became. You were purple and about 8 inches long. The dildo you were now was also very thick and veiny. This change was just way too weird and you had no idea how to react.

You were completely powerless to stop it despite how much you struggled.

I walked over to you dressed in jean booty shorts and a pale pink crop top. Casually, I slipped out of my flip-flops and sat on the bed. I restarted the porno and picked you up.

My hands were so soft wrapped around you. You had no idea what was coming next but you were enjoying every sensation I gave you.

I spread my legs and leaned back with my laptop on the bed between them. My hand gripped you by the base near your balls as I slid your tip up and down my slit over my shorts. You wanted to feel my pussy but you never imagined you’d feel it in this altered bodily state. I could read your unorganized thoughts and desires so I pulled my shorts off and placed the mirror at the foot of the bed. Using magic, I angled it in such a way that both of us could watch what I did to you. In this way, I was silently telling you that you were mine.

You felt the top of your head (now the tip of my dildo) brushing up against my moist pussy lips. I slid you up and down the length of my slip before slipping your head inside me. Slowly, I pulled you out and then pushed you in a little farther.

Each time I pushed you into my pussy, you were deeper and deeper inside of me.

My walls surrounded you completely, wrapping you in soft wetness. I moaned while I wiggled you up and down feeling you pushing against my g spot.

At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore. With the porn in my face and you deep inside my pussy, I needed so much more. So, I started moving you in and out of me. It was slow at first but then I started picking up speed until I was furiously fucking my dripping wet pussy with you.

You were covered in my juices as I squirted all over you. It was such an amazing feeling to have my sweet creamy juices covering every inch of your changed body. It was an experience neither of us would forget anytime soon.

So, the question is, did I ever change you back? Or, did I keep you like that and use you as my sex toy? Check out the audio blog to find out.


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