Object Transformation With Sorceress London

Object transformation is turning someone into something. In this fantasy, I possess certain powers that allow me to do that at will. I love having that sense of control and ownership over those who serve me. This is something unique and different to be sure so if you’re curious, keep reading.

You’re my neighbor and you’ve had a thing for me for a while that bordered on obsessive. It didn’t bother me. In fact, I thrived off of your attention. So, one day I set my plan into action.

I went out to run some errands and I made sure you saw me leave. Not only that but you saw me leave my door unlocked. Being the pervert that you were, you took the opportunity to go into my apartment and see what you could find. Maybe you wanted to steal a par of my used panties, maybe you wanted to find a toy I used, or maybe you were looking for something dirtier.

You saw my laptop sitting on my bed so you opened it up to snoop through it. Finding some porn history would make your day because you’ve always wondered what sort of naughty things I watched and got off to. Little did you know that going into my place would change your life.

It didn’t take you long to find some downloaded movies.

You put one of them to full screen, paused it, and went hunting for some panties. They were going to be your jerk off companion. You wanted to feel them wrapped around your hard cock so badly. Not only that but you wanted to smell them and taste them. You’ve always wondered what I tasted like.

The porno started up at the push of a button and you started jerking off. You were so entranced by the feel of my panties around you and the dirty movie playing in front of your eyes that you didn’t even hear me come in.

That was where I found you, on my bed panties in hand engrossed in a naughty movie. I tisked loudly and you practically fell off the bed in shock. There was no way you were getting yourself out of the mess you got yourself into. Especially now in my own house.

You stammered and tried to give me some half-ass explanation about what else you could possibly be doing in my room jerking off with my panties on my computer. I chuckled and it escalated into a laugh.

What else could I do but put you in your place?

That was when things started getting odd. Your head felt light. The room seemed to spin and you felt dizzier than if you’d gotten off a carnival ride. You could have been mistaken but you thought the bed was getting bigger, too.

What the hell was happening to you? That question played over and over in your head as you noticed weirder changes. It was almost as if your body was contorting in an unnatural way. Nothing made sense and it was only going to get more bizarre.


To Be Continued…


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