Neighborhood Fuck Fest- Bringing in the New Year part 2

Why don’t we Fuck in the New Year.

Send out a new invitation and let everyone know that we are going to have a neighborhood fuck fest to bring in the new year.  He loved the idea so we got to work on the amended invitation.

Believe it or not everyone was game for the change because they wanted to stir things up and do something different for a change.  Things have gotten kind of stale and boring after years of the same old thing year after year.  So in a couple of nights we will be hosting the first annual Neighborhood Fuck Fest to bring in the New Year.

Will the Neighborhood Fuck Fest be a success?

As everyone started to arrive New Year’s Eve, you could tell there was alot of apprehension in the air.  I had to do something or this was going to be a total flop.

So, how did everyone like the show I put on the other night, unknowingly?  Everyone looked at me, not sure what to say.  I started to laugh.  That broke the ice, it seemed everyone started talking at once.  Did you know you were being heard through out the community, someone asked me.  No I did not, I totally forgot that the speakers were on.  I replied.  Well let me tell you, after listening to you for about 15 minutes my wife was so hot she couldn’t keep her hands off me!  I was wondering if you would do that on a more regular basis!  I really enjoyed that scew session. At that comment everyone started laughing and agreeing!

Everyone is ready for some sex!

That is why I thought this would be a great idea for bringing in the new year!  Everyone in the community seemed to agree, but we had to get the ball rolling.  Okay everyone, is there anyone here who is having second thoughts or maybe is not quite sure?  If not then I think the best way to move forward is to start with the most basic, kissing.

With that everyone started kissing, first with there partner and then moved on from there.  It didn’t take long before clothes started coming off and people were on the sofa, floor, chairs just about any place you could imagine!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

These people must have been lusting after each other for years!

Once the clothes started coming off, I saw oral sex, ass sex, pussy sex girl on girl, girl, guy and even two guys.  This was totally unreal!  Now I need to get in on this action! Everyone was involved in this neighborhood fuck fest!

I need to be fucked because I am so horny!  With that I had everyone coming over to get a piece of me!  one guy picked me up and carried me over to a bedroom and gently laid me down on the bed.  Another one was removing my clothes while a third was making love to my mouth!

Everyone was naked and sex was everywhere!

I was having my pussy licked and fingered and  my breasts were being sucked and massaged.  There were hands stroking every part of my body!  A cock was what I needed because  I wanted to suck on a cock!  There it was, just hanging there, I grabbed it and started licking and sucking on it.

I suddenly felt a big cock pushing into my pussy!  OMG! This was so exciting and I was getting screwed and didn’t know by who.  I was getting ready to cum, explode and squirt all at the same time!  The cock I was sucking, started to cum at the exact moment I started to cum!  The guy fucking me started to cum and I think several other women were cumming also!

Everyone was climaxing at about the same time, midnight!

This great Neighborhood Fuck Fest went on for hours and everyone was switching partners and climaxing over and over again!

The sun was started to come up and just about everyone was asleep naked in a big mass of bodies.  What a fantastic way to bring in the new year!  I might not ever be able to look at my neighbors the same way, but I will be able to fuck my neighbors!

Happy Fucking New Year! and may all your Fucking wishes come true in 2020!

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