Neighborhood Fuck Fest , Bringing in the New Year part 1

Fucking the Neighbors?!

I never thought I would be part of a neighborhood fuck fest,  Yet that is exactly what happened this past holiday season! Let me back up and explain how this came to be.

The Holiday decorations are all in place and I hooked up the outdoor speakers to play Christmas music.  I love the holidays and I go all out to show that with a great big outdoor display along with music to go with it.  So I set up outdoor speakers and play Christmas music from my computer and it plays on the speakers outside.

This is how our Neighborhood Fuck Fest got started.

I turned on my outdoor display one Friday night and then turned the speakers on and started the music.  Everything was fine, and I relaxed in the house with a glass of wine.  I was reading a very erotic novel and found myself rubbing my pussy and getting very turned on. So I went back to my bedroom and decided for some good old fashion self gratification!

Not realizing that I had the speakers turned on and the receiver was in my bedroom where I was playing the music.  Stripping out of my clothes I started to masturbate.  I tend to get kind of vocal as I use the vibrator on my pussy causing me to cum several times in a row!

I just got done wiping my pussy juices up when my neighbor appeared in my bedroom door.  Staring at him,  he got a big grin on his face!  “What are you staring at,” I almost shouted at him, he just pointed over at the receiver and started to snicker.

OMG! You heard me?

He reached over and turned the speakers off.  At that I just laid back down, and said, did you like what you heard?  Why not come over here and experience it for yourself.  Let’s party, Baby! His mouth dropped open, but he did not waste anytime climbing up on my bed and started eating me!

I can’t believe my neighbor, whom I secretly admired ever since I moved into this community, was here, eating my pussy!  It felt so wonderful the way he used his tongue.  I never experienced anything quite like it.  Feeling that little tremor inside my gut start to grow and build as his masterful tongue worked it’s magic on my pussy and yes he even went down around my asshole! I needed him to scew me, NOW!

This sinful torture continued for what seemed like an eternity!

My tremor kept building and building until I didn’t think I could take another moment of it!  I was screaming and clawing at his back.  I needed him to screw me. My hips started bucking involuntarily.  I thought I was going to explode.  He stopped and stood up quickly dropping his pants and then he was on me again.  He slammed his cock into my pulsating pussy and kept shoving until I could take no more. What a great fuck fest! I exploded!  Screaming at the top of my lungs, I started to squirt and cum all at the same time.  He hit my g-spot and all hell broke loose!  I couldn’t stop cumming!  He started cumming also and we both eventually collapsed onto each other, exhausted.  What a fantastic fuck fest!

That was some of the best sex I have ever had!  He told me I had him so hot just listening to me masturbating.  He had to come in and get some relief for his rock hard cock.  I guess I gave the whole community and earful.  Yeah, but I wouldn’t worry about it, he told me.  Everyone enjoyed it and they all ended up having sex because of it.

Fucking was happening because of me!

So I guess I am good for the neighborhood.  After that evening, I got several winks from the guys in the neighborhood and even the women gave me appreciative nods.  So I thought I would take this one step further.  New Year’s eve was right around the corner.  I new most of the neighbors went to a party hosted by none other than my fuck partner from the other night.  So I stopped over at his house and laid out my idea.

To find out where this sexy story is headed come back on Sunday.  If you can’t wait until then, check out my       audio blog

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