Here’s part two of my sexy neighbor one night stand!

I grin at him and start taking slow, steady steps backwards, my hands working at the fastenings to my shorts as I do. My neighbor follows, each step matching mine. His gaze won’t sit still, roaming over my legs, my breasts, my face. At one point, my shorts drop to the ground and I step out of them.

Into my bedroom we both head. It takes seconds to strip out of the last of my clothing, the bra and panties that were concealing my modesty.  It wasn’t that I had much of it, given that I just took a man home hours after meeting him. I kneel on my bed, the only thing that looks remotely put together in this entire flat, and beckon for him to join me.

His mouth is hanging open, just a little, as he takes in the sight of me, naked and kneeling on the wide bed. His hands are wrapped loosely around his belt, halted in the process of taking it off. I reach out and hook my fingers in his waist band, tugging him closer to the bed. My fingers make quick work of his pants, shoving them down along with his boxers.

Finally, he’s as naked as I am. My hands slide over his chest and down his stomach to his erection. As my hand makes a fist around it and strokes over the smooth skin, it occurs to me that this is entirely for me, because of me. I made him this way simply by being myself. So glad that I had my neighbor over for a one night stand!

My neighbor groans, pushing into the tight heat of my hand in shallow thrusts. It isn’t long before he is pressing me down onto my bed, his lips covering mine in a kiss so full of hunger, it leaves the others behind.

I spread my legs to either side of his hips, inviting him between them. He reaches down to test how wet I are, making me gasp and writhe at the touch. I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that a man caused this much arousal so quickly.

He pulls his fingers from me and raises them to his mouth, licking them clean. His eyes never turn away from mine. He watches as I lick my lips, gasp for air. His gaze follows the way that my breasts heave and my body shudders from that little display. A smile curls on his face, knowing and smug.

There’s a moment where we both wiggle further onto the bed, but before I can settle myself too much, my neighbor is pushing inside of me, causing me to gasp out his name. He fills me intimately, stretching me further than I anticipated. His head falls to my shoulder, the skin hot to the touch. For a moment, we both stay still, relishing the feel of another person’s body against mine, that give and take of penetration, twin heartbeats pounding away.

Just when I think that I might go insane while waiting for him to begin, my neighbor starts to move. He starts out slow, steady, pushing in and out of me with practiced strokes. I moan and arch my back, working my body to meet him.

Already, I begin to feel a steady pressure building within me. I drag my hands up to his hair and dig my fingers in, drawing him to me for a kiss. My hips undulate, pressing my clit over and over to his body with every one of his inward thrusts.

“God, look at you, you gorgeous minx,” he gasps against my lips. “Not gonna let me last, then?” It drags a breathless laugh from him. “Suppose I could… go for impressing you in the morning.”

I laugh in delight and pleasure. My neighbor grins quick in response before picking up his pace. My room echoes with the sound of his cock sliding in and out of me wetly, my moans harmonizing with his, the soft thunk of the bed against the wall.

A sudden hard thrust and I am crying out in pleasure, cumming around him. I rake my nails down his back, causing him to utter a bitten off curse. He jerks and thrusts, once, twice, then I feel him filling me.

He stays where he is for a heartbeat before pulling away and falling to the mattress, just barely managing to avoid crushing me. We both lay there for a while before my neighbor chuckles and turns his head to look at me.

“Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Don’t miss out on part one of my one night stand with my neighbor. And I am available to talk to you at any time, here!

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