Let me tell you all about the time I moved into a new neighborhood and ended up taking a stranger home. Turned out that he was my neighbor, and having a one night stand with my neighbor was amazing!

The evening air is refreshing after being inside the bar we just left. He kept me close, holding my hand. Strange enough, it’s more intimate than I thought it could be. I gesture with my free hand about the direction we should take and he nods, walking along with me. Idly, he comments that his own place is in the same direction before falling silent.

I stop at my building and he looks at me, startled, before laughing. “You’re up there in 2C, aren’t you?” he asks.

A startled look appears on my face. “Don’t tell me that you could figure that out from looking at me,” I tell him.

The stranger shakes his head, still chuckling. “I’m in 2B,” he said softly, eyes twinkling. “Your new neighbor.”

For a moment, I hesitate. Sleeping with a neighbor? That could go very wrong or very right, depending on how everything worked out. Oh, what the hell, right? “Well, then. Wanna come see which of us has the better floor plan?”

We both are quiet as we take the stairs up to the second floor, my legs protesting each and every step after the abuse they’ve taken today while moving in. Still, there’s a quickness that finds my feet when I hear my neighbor’s steady step behind me. I slip my keys from my jeans pocket and fit it into the new lock. Imagine- if this goes well, I could just slip down the hall into his apartment for a night of fun in the future!

A chuckle escapes him and I realize that he has noticed the way that my eyes darted over to where his door lies at the other end of the hall. I can’t help the sheepish grin I flash him, but still open up the door. “Sorry, like I said, just moved in,” I tell my neighbor, wincing at the sight of chaotic, half open boxes filling my main area. Still, having a neighbor one night stand wasn’t planned!

He chuckles a little, shaking his head. “Hell, looks better than my place did a few months after I moved in,” he admits as he pulls off his jacket and drapes it over one of the boxes. As his fingers work the buttons of his cuffs open, I remember with a sudden jolt just why the two of us are here.

The warmth of the scotch in my belly provides a feeling of confidence. I stride forward to him and reach up, my hand cupping the back of his head before I pull him down for a fierce kiss. He groans into it, immediately responding. His hands settle on my hips, startling me with their size.

Big hands. Oh, I have a love of large hands like that, ones that can touch so much skin at once. I reach for his shirt, working the buttons open as quickly as I can.

My neighbor chuckles at my urgency, even as he slips his hands under my shirt to stroke along my bare back. His touch is like fire on my skin, searing hot, leaving the skin in their wake prickling with excitement.

I manage to finish with his buttons as I pull away from his mouth, tugging at his lower lip with my teeth as I do. There is the sound of material falling to the ground as he rolls his shoulders, dropping the shirt, but I’m distracted with yanking my t-shirt off over my head and throwing it away.

I’m not in my best form, I realize. After all, I spent the day in clothes that could withstand a beating, in things that supported my breasts while I sweat all over them, but he’s got this hungry look in his eyes as he gazes at me. A stranger looking at me like that is more than enough to make me ache for his cock at this point.

Come back later for part two, where I tell you how good my neighbor was during the one night stand!

If you like me telling naughty stories, check this one out! Or give me a call to make a naughty story of your own!

Now available, part 2!

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