Naughty Waifu, Aria gets dirty at a convention part two

So this strange man had me pinned the a wall in a dark alcove, and I was loving every minute of it. It had always been my dream to be someone’s naughty waifu, and it’s become reality. My mystery man forced me to bend over, keeping my hands on the wall in front of me. With his feet, he silently motioned for me to spread my legs wide to assume a lewd position.

His hands were all over me, roaming my body. They slipped under the hem of my shirt and my frilly pink bra to pinch and pull on my nipples. I let out a small gasp and I could practically feel the smirk on my strangers’ lips.

“So it turns out I don’t even need to use my cock to make you feel good Airi…” He taunted.

His smooth rich voice sends a batch of wetness to my panties. I wanted to squeeze my thighs together, but couldn’t in my position. He pulled my shirt and bra up to expose my breasts and then in one smooth movement pulled my shorts and panties down to my knees.

I let out a small protest noise and my head snapped to the main hallway where dozens of people were walking by every minute. Any one of them could just turn and look in here, seeing me in this exposed state. My stranger pressed his thumb against the jewel of my butt plug until it started moving slowly, wiggling inside of me.

So I bit my lip to keep from moaning, but it was a futile move as he plunged his cock into my dripping wet pussy. The moan ripped from me and I slapped my hands over my mouth to try and keep quiet. I could hear the stranger chuckling behind me, and he grabbed my wrists only to yank my arms back to anchor me in place.

He dug in deep until he was scraping against my cervix and illiciting moans from me.

He kept the same pace, teasing me with only just enough pleasure. “Airi is going to have to beg until I let her cum.” The voice taunted behind me.

Please… as if a filthy pervert like you could make me cum with this pathetic cock…” I ground out between moans. I said just the right thing, because he picked up the pace, pounding me so hard that he was jarring the plug in my ass. It felt so good, as if I was being fucked in both holes. My moans became more frantic, his thrusting got faster in return. So he knew I was close.

The part that threw me off was when he jerked me over until I was facing the opening of the alcove. His thrusts never lost their speed or strength, but I opened my eyes and saw that there was a crowd in the hallway. Each and every one of them was watching me, some with their cocks painfully fighting to be free.

The realization that this whole time I’ve had an audience makes me scream in orgasm. I squirt so hard I made a puddle on the floor beneath me, and my stranger pumps his load into me as finale. Dropping me onto the floor into the puddle of my own cum. He left there until the next person was ready for me. And I couldn’t wait…

Did you enjoy part two of my Naughty Waifu blog? Did you miss out on part one? Catch up here! Or if you want a naughty waifu all for yourself, get my audio!


Aria (Airi… teehee!)


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