Naughty Waifu, Aria gets dirty at a convention

So something that you might not know about me, is that I’m a huge anime fan. On top of that, I live in an area that has an anime convention every year, and I have always wanted to go! So I got this fantasy that I have played in my head over and over again for…. masturbatory purposes. Today, I’m your naughty waifu. Today, I am going to that convention. Will you be there…?

My cosplay outfit always makes me giggle to myself. So I always knew that when I finally made it to a convention, I was going to wear a trick cosplay. Today is the day, and here I stand in front of my bathroom mirror. The long blonde wig is perfectly in place, with the matching high pigtails cascading down just so.

I’m wearing implants to make my chest bigger, as my character is known for her large bust size. I pull the red and white spaghetti strap shit on over the bright pink bra and smile at the result. I take a step back and turn to the side to see how my ass looks in the tightest and shortest jean short shorts I’ve ever worn in my life. Think Harley Quinn in suicide squad, and then go even shorter. With the thigh high pink and black striped stockings, the look is complete. I smile to myself and blow a kiss to the mirror.

So I was going to that convention…. and I was going to get fucked.

When I arrived at the hotel hosting the convention, I caused a bit of a stir. I strutted in proudly as a chorus of whistles and cheers sounded in my wake. More than a few hands made it to my ass, and I made no move to deter them. Things were going just as I planned!

The first couple hours were typical, I took what felt like hundreds of pictures with people. Each and every guy felt me up, and I kept getting wetter and wetter. See… the thing I forgot to tell you is that this entire time I’ve been wearing a great big butt plug about 5 inches long. So the more they touched my ass, the more pleasure I got.

After about three hours, I felt it. I was in a crowd, so I had no idea who it was… but I felt them press on the jewel of my plug. They knew. My heart began pounding, and I searched left and right for the culprit. No one looked suspicious, and my excitement died.

A few minutes later I walked past a park alcove, and I’m yanked into it roughly. My assailant shoves me face first into the wall, pressing his whole body against my back and whispered into my ear.

“So you think you can dress up like a Hentai slut like Airi Akitsuki and not get fucked?”

This was my chance! This was the moment I had been waiting for! I was so excited, but I had to play this just right. I need to stay in character…

“You think your disgusting cock could make me feel good?” I bit back defiantly. I could feel the hard press of his erection against my ass. My breathing was getting quicker until I was fighting against the urge to wiggle my ass against him. My lifelong dream was about to come true…

So is part one of my Naughty Waifu blog getting you excited? The really juicy part won’t be available until Friday… So if you want to life the naughty waifu dream with me… check out the audio here!


Aria (Airi… teehee!)


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