This always infuriated him. He would grab me by my waist and put me over his knee, lift up my nighty and give me a bare bottom spanking. He would recite something or other with every smack. Telling me how I made him do this and it was all my fault. In reality, it really was, I wanted it.

If he wasn’t spanking me hard enough, I would start to moan softly. Between the moans and the aroma of my wet young cunt he would lose control.

I would look up at him and bite my bottom lip. The fire in his eye and the bulge under his cassock was my confirmation. By the time he would get done spanking me, his righteous rod would be standing tall.

He wasn’t done yet and I encouraged him. He lifted me from his lap, and I turned to face him. Lifting my gown just a little as I put my hand on my perfect pussy mound. Sometimes that is all it took and then sometimes I had to stick my finger inside of me. Either way, his assault was not far off, and I wanted it.

The look of overwhelming joy and euphoria that spread across my pretty face put him in the zone.


Often, he would call me a jezebel and tell me he must cleanse me of such disease. By cleanse apparently, the proper way was to stick his fingers inside my wet throbbing cunt.

The more I moaned the faster and deeper he went. By then his holy grail was peaking out of his cassock and I couldn’t be any more pleased.

I moved my hips up toward his fingers and he acted like he saw a demon. Throwing me onto my stomach as he tried to walk away. But as my butt raised high in the air it was too much to resist.

He couldn’t resist my round bubble butt and sweet hole. I would look back at him, his cock fully erect and raging now. I would tell him maybe he needs to fuck the demon from me. Smacking my ass again and praying as his righteous sword went inside my gaping asshole.

I put my hand under my pussy and masturbated while he fucked my little hole.

I played this game often and eventually, he made his way through all of my holes, shooting from ass to pussy then ass to mouth like he was searching for the promised land and could only find it far down in our gaped-out rectums, way up in our dripping wet cunts, or drilled deep in our gagging throats.

We loved it and enjoyed draining his balls every single night. Of course, he wasn’t the only one who was well taken care of at these prestigious schools? Those uptight nuns also needed some action.

But that’s another story. A hot story of me and my best friend and a dildo and what happened in her convent.

I hope you have enjoyed reading part 2 of the Naughty Schoolgirl In a Plaid Skirt blog. If you would like to hear this story read in my sexy voice you can purchase my audio blog and hear this story in my sexy voice.

If you’d like to read another of my stories check out my other dirty blogs

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