Sexy little parochial girls to be exact. You can’t lie. You fantasize about them often. Short plaid skirts, sexy white button-up tops, knee-high socks, and little ties around their necks. Your cock twitches with the thought of just lifting the skirt to get a glimpse of what is underneath.

Little white cotton panties covering the devil’s playground, or so I was told. It was a place where only the most deviant would dare to enter. A place full of perversions. A place that was taught to be off-limits to anyone until matrimony.

So, why are older guys always so fascinated with tight little cunts, tiny, virgin butts, and having hot schoolgirl sex?

Wait, I think I just answered my own question, didn’t I? Your cock got just a little excited too, didn’t it?

A barely used tight bald hole feels great on a throbbing cock and there’s no place better to find a bunch of horny young beauties all packed together than at a private school.

I went to an all-girls private parochial school for my entire life. I hated it, or did I?

Ran by a group of uptight, unnerving nuns and hypocritically punitive men of the cloth. If it weren’t for all the friends I made and all the teacher’s cock we got to take, it would’ve been hell!
But let’s not forget those sweet pussies of the office staff too. Nothing better than getting out of detention by running my soft warm tongue up a stuffy sex-deprived woman. Or getting special treatment from the lunch lady. She would always fill our trays with sweets after a hot rimming of her tight ass.

But the highlight was at night.

Like every night. Every single night. The stuffy priest went room to room to check on his students. Wearing his cassock and stole. Kissing his stole in reverence of the power he yields. The cassock with buttons all the way from top to bottom. Holding the holy book to pray with us.

He would enter our rooms without even a knock, making sure that every girl was in her room and ready for lights out at 9:00. We were to be wearing our tiny nightgowns and ready for prayers. Kneeling beside the bed with our hands on the mattress, legs slightly spread with our little bare feet crossed behind us. In other words, a very subservient position. The kind his holy and all his minions demanded of us.

But the kind this disobedient, deviant schoolgirl resisted and welcomed the punishment that followed.

He would walk in and do an inspection. Checking for orderliness and cleanliness. You know uncleanliness if the gateway…. Or so I have been told.

He stood behind us and laid his hand on your shoulder to pray. Of course, me being a total bad girl pushed back against him. This in turn raised my little, tiny nightgown and exposed my bare ass.

Oops that is another violation, isn’t it? My pussy quivered with the anticipation of the punishment that was about to cum.

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