Naughty Rough Sex The Accomplice Brings Him the Prize Pt I – Phone Sex

Let’s be clear, I have always loved naughty rough sex. For example, even when I was very young and did not understand what “rough” meant, I dreamed about it!

In fact,  I would lie in bed a night and fantasize about a man tying me up, slapping my tits, pulling on my nipples and using me.  And sometimes, I would see this happening to one of my girlfriends.  These fantasies were happening when I was too young to even know what they meant!  But, my gosh they would make me cum hard.

Fuck!  Even just telling you this much has got my pussy hot and wet…

As I said, I’ve always loved naughty rough sex. But, as I got older and more experienced, what I found to be even hotter then having naughty rough sex, was watching it happen.   Then, when I moved away from home, I discovered sex videos.   I would spend hours pulling on my nipples and masturbating  while watching titillating violent sex scenes.  But, sadly,  It was not ‘real”.  I always kept my naughty rough sex thoughts in the secret fantasy realm.  I never dreamed I could really help someone do that to another young lady  But, one day had no choice but to do just that.

My landlord, at the time, was a sexist asshole. He was always looking at me like I was a prim-rib piece of meat there for his enjoyment.  And I always ignored the creepy pervert.   That is until one time I could not pay my rent on time.

That day, I had to go to the perverts unit and let him know I did not have that months rent.

Being a cute young thing, and knowing what a creep he was, I played the “girl” card.

I batted my eyelashes at him and played the innocent helpless girl.  I promised I would have the rent next week if he would just “help” me out this one time.

The Pervert, being a perv give me an offer of his own.  He told me that “we could fix it” if I would just fuck him on a regular basis. Just looking at him made my skin crawl. I asked if there was anything else I could do and he said”Just sex”. Then he said “If not with you, I want someone else to fuck.  So, that was the moment that my work as an accomplice began.

That night, I went out to the bar, found a girl that looked good and I realized that I might get off on being an accomplice for naughty rough sex!

And she was hot with nice tits, silky hair, and a great ass….what more could a girl like me want?  We talked for at least an hour about all kinds of things.  When she said that “naughty rough sex was the best”, I knew I had found the perfect accomplice.  I did everything I could to make her feel like she could trust me.  Then, after a few drinks I knew she could not drive.

So, being ever so helpful, I told her she could crash at my place.

Once I got her to my house, we talked some more and she told me some pretty crazy shit.  This was stuff no sober person would have shard with a stranger.  She told me it turned her one when forced to lick a pussy.   How much she loved a man shoving his cock into her while slapping her tits, her face, pulling her hair and verbally humiliating her.   It was all just the ramblings of a drunken fantasy.  But, all I could think was

“YES!! Thank you alcohol!  That is exactly what I need to get this show on the road.”


Part II


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