Naughty Roleplay No 1: Flirty Flight Attendant Seduction PT2

Urgency Makes Me Horny

We leave your button-up shirt in place, but my hands roam the width of your sturdy chest, feeling the strength hidden beneath. You growl, your urgency making itself known. No more physical ‘small talk’. In our precarious situation, we have to be quick.

Your hands grab me roughly by the hips and spin me around to press against the sink. I look in the mirror taking in our lust-filled eyes, but yours are glued to my ass. That smirk is back, too. Your hands each grab a cheek and start squeezing. For a moment it’s you that’s forgotten how little time we have before our absence is noted.

I wiggle my hips, backing them into you, a reminder of where that hard, thick rod needs to go! And so your clothed cock presses into my ass for a moment. We both groan at the sensation, and then I hear you unzip your pants.

In this position, I won’t even be able to see it piercing into my pussy. The thought of getting fucked by a cock I may never see, with a stranger I’d likely never see again is too much! My pussy juice drips as I stick my ass up for you like a cat in heat. You growl in response again, this time using one hand to hold my hips in place as the other begins fingerfucking me. I sigh, partially satisfied by your curled finger pumping in and out of my tight, wet pussy.

No More Teasing

Soon, it’s replaced by the tip of your cock. You take a moment to gently thrust just the first few inches in and out while you take in the view. It feels electrifying! (the juicy little details are what make a naughty roleplay so fun!) I watch in the mirror as your eyes roll back in ecstasy, and I can’t help but let out a soft moan.


Your grin turns into a smile as you lean forward, pressing your chest into my back. My mind barely has time to register how perfectly we fit together when a hand wraps around my throat, squeezing, and you thrust into me as hard as you can. This time, it’s my eyes that cross in pleasure. I gasp at the impact, yet no air fills my lungs as you pump into my pussy as hard as you can.

We try our best to be silent, and for a while, the only sounds in the tiny bathroom are of my bare ass bouncing off of your pressed slacks. Something about it is so naughty! I watch in the mirror as my face begins to turn first red and then a slight purple. Combined with the oxygen deprivation, the image had me shaking with arousal.

You fuck me hard and fast and all it takes is a few moments before we’re dangling over the edge, ready to explode. My pussy tightens around your cock, the first sign that we’re out of time. With your hand still testing the limits of my endurance, your balls draw up and your cock stiffens.

Letting Go

You whisper in my ear, “You don’t get to cum until I do, little kitten. And you don’t get to breathe until you start cumming.”

I’m up for the challenge, though the edges of my vision have started to blur.(I love this part of my naughty roleplay!) My hips thrust back to meet you, driving you deeper and deeper into my cunt. As you bottomed out against my cervix, I feel it begin. The first spray of jizz hits my pussy and it’s too much to bear! I follow you over the edge and your hand immediately disappears from my throat. With the first gasping breath, your hand slams down over my mouth, leaving my nose uncovered.

As my orgasm rocks my body, I understand. My thighs shake as I fill my lungs and fire spreads through me. All control leaves me and I even forget where I am. The oxygen spreads and I reflexively scream my pleasure into your palm. Distantly, I hear you hissing as my pussy milks the last bits of cum from you.

With a naughty smack to the ass as you tuck your cock back into your pants, the spell is broken. I laugh as you hand me a paper towel to soak up the cum left dripping down my thigh. Though my entire body feels like jello, and I feel like the biggest slut in the world, I put myself back together like a professional, straightening my blouse, sliding my panties back up my legs, and winking as I walk back out, completely unnoticed and without consequence.

Isn’t my job the best?!


See how erotic even the most basic premise can become when we add our own flavor? This is why I love naughty roleplays! I mean, this was just me on my own…imagine the both of us adding details to our kinky story. Maybe you would have wanted us to get caught, or for me to lick the cum off of that paper towel, and of course there’s always anal! I chose breathplay because if I had to get off within five minutes, it’d do the trick for me, hahaha!

I hope you choose to try out a naughty roleplay with me, be it a sexy flight attendant or not!

If you liked this story, you should hear the audio! It’s even more explicit and erotic! And if fetish writing gets you worked up, you should definitely check out my last story, Taboo Hunger: Indulging In The Other White Meat Part 1


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