Naughty Roleplay No 1: Flirty Flight Attendant Seduction PT 1

I love naughty roleplays! There are infinite possibilities for the kind of situations we could find ourselves in: the location of our tryst, who we are to each other, and even how we look! Maybe you love my voice but want a plump, shy BBW to smother you between her ginormous tits. Oh, or maybe I’m a petite Asian beauty who’s dating your cousin and you want to fuck me while he’s passed out? That’s what roleplay is for! All of the details are in our hands.

So, I’m going to do a whole series dedicated to this type of naughty roleplay. Maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for your own naughty roleplay with me, or maybe it’ll just be a fun story to help get you off. Either way: Keep your trays in the upright position, mind the seatbelt sign, and prepare for takeoff, baby!

DTF Flight Attendant

Sometimes you can just tell when a horny woman is thinking the same thing you are. Today we’re going to do a naughty roleplay where you’re a seasoned businessman and I’m a desperate flight attendant that needs a big, thick cock at 32,000 feet. Don’t you think I look lovely in my uniform?

Boarding Pass For One

I see you standing in line in your pressed slacks and suit jacket looking like somebody’s sugar daddy. With your serious expression and stern demeanor, I’m sure you always get what you want. Inside me, something bursts wide open. Neediness that I didn’t know existed comes flowing forth, eager to make you mine, at least for a little while. All I want in that moment is to be naughty for you. Naughtier than you’ve ever had before. But as you hand me your boarding pass, something changes. Maybe you can sense the instant gush of pussy juice when our hands touch, I’m not sure, but watching your lips quirk up at side in a smirk as if you’d read my filthy mind, is magical.

My body’s reaction feels like a betrayal. My nipples harden, confined by the tight grey top provided to me by the airline. I scan your ticket, making note of exactly where to find you once we take off. As I send you on your way, I know we’ll find our time to ‘connect’ before the flight is through. You look back at me one last time as you walk down the jetway, and I wink.

Finishing up a few more preflight responsibilities, I wonder if you’re going to cover my mouth with your hand as you pump into me from behind. The image burns itself into my eyelids as I make my way back to the galley to prepare for takeoff. Surely we’ll need to gag me with something if we want to avoid getting caught, but maybe you’ll take off your tie to do the job. If I make you cum hard enough I might even get to walk away with it as a souvenir!

Naughty Roleplay Takes Flight

As some of the other flight attendants go through the motions of what to do in the event of an emergency landing, I grab a pen and one of the little napkins we put the drinks on and start writing. I finish up, smiling, and strap myself in while we take off, counting the seconds until I can offer you a drink and my secret message.

Soon, the seatbelt light fades, and I get to work. My panties get wetter and wetter the closer I get to you. Once we’re finally face to face, I pretend you’re no different than any other flyer. My mind races at how naughty I feel. I gingerly rest the napkin on your tray, noticing you notice the writing, and my mind reels when you smirk without acknowledging the words “Ten minutes, bathroom behind you”.

I finish up with the rest of the cabin and stow my cart quickly, hurrying to get there first. The other crew members are so wrapped up in their tasks that they don’t even notice me slipping away. I leave the door unlocked, pull off my panties, and wait. Only a minute or two goes by before you squeeze into the tiny room with me. For a moment we look at each other as if afraid some spell will be broken, and then it fades, and our hands grab at each other.

I tear off your suit jacket, shoving it to the floor, regardless of how expensive it probably is, while you tug upwards at my skirt. Somewhere in my mind, I’m grateful to you for not tearing my top, though I wish you could! I want to be completely ravaged by you! (What’s the point of a naughty roleplay if you don’t push things beyond reality?!)

~Can’t Get Enough?~

If you liked part 1 of “Naughty Roleplay No 1: Flirty Flight Attendant Seduction” and you can’t wait for part two, this audio is definitely worth it! Be sure to check it out in my store!

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