Naughty Panty Boys Love Chrissy’s Visit – Part 2

Mel Got a Mouthful

In the guest bathroom, I continued to stroke Mel, he drained a little bit of water so his whole cock was out and I started to stroke it faster.  He was moaning and I noticed he suddenly looked towards the door of the bathroom.  In the mirror, I saw the twins standing, watching, still with those tent poles straight out in their PJ pants.  They didn’t know I could see their reflection in the glass of the adjoining shower stall.   To make an impact on these naughty boys, I grabbed my panties from Mel’s hand and shoved them in his mouth.  I told him if he liked the way they smelled then he would like the way they tasted and instructed him to suck the juice right out of them.

Naughty Boys Get Panties Too

I wasn’t going to let those naughty little peepers get away with invading my privacy, so I grabbed the pair of panties I had worn that day, and another pair from my dirty laundry bag.  It was already opened as Mel had rifled through to find what he wanted earlier.  I slid down the hall to the teen’s bedroom.  There they were, under their covers, pretending to be sleeping.

I yanked the covers off of them and asked them what two naughty boys thought they were doing when they came into my room unannounced.  They stuttered as they looked for an answer.  I handed them each a pair of my dirty panties and told them to breathe in the crotch.  They both did so without pause.  I told them it was ok to rub and stroke themselves the way I did with their dad.

The Twins Blow Their Loads

I instructed the boys to take a deep breath of those panties and jerk their cocks hard and fast.  They were going at it feverishly, and I knew they were seconds away from blowing.  I got up to go grab a dirty shirt, but it was too late.  Those naughty boys with my panties in their mouths had blown their loads all over me.  I left the room even more ready for my shower.

I Left a Souvenir

As I was getting out of the shower and putting on a clean pair of panties, I realized that I hadn’t got my dirty panties back from any of the three naughty panty boys.  I decided to play with myself and make myself cum at least three times in three pairs of panties so that I had something to leave them all.  The next day Irene and I went shopping and I bought more panties for the rest of my trip.

Like this naughty panty boy story?  Find Part 1 here.  Click here to purchase the audio version with extra x-rated details.  If you like my story, you may also like this story.  Email me and let me know what you like about this true tale the most.  Maybe you have a panty story you would like to tell me?

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