Naughty Panty Boys Love Chrissy’s Visit – Part 1


Visiting Family

This is a true story of three naughty boys who love my panties.  Those guys loved my panties so much, that I was forced to buy a dozen more pairs while on vacation.  I was lucky enough to be invited on a getaway with a friend who was traveling to San Antonio on business.  While there, I decided to take a few days to visit with family.

My cousin Irene is a little older than I, and has twin 14-year-old boys she named Rockford and Rolland and three boxers she named Huey, Louie, and Dewey.  Her house was absolute chaos from the moment I walked in the door.  It didn’t seem to bother her, but her husband, Mel, was visibly restraining himself.  These two naughty boys were into everything.  It was like watching pinballs bounce off of each other.   And the boxers just followed them wherever they went.

Time to Relax

After dinner and a few cocktails, the pair invited me to spend the night.  They had a guest room at the end of the hall where it was quiet and I would have privacy.  I agreed, wondering exactly how quiet that room was.  Melvin asked if I minded if he took a soak in the tub in that room while my cousin and I caught up.  Of course, I said yes, he looked like he was about to break.

Twin Stiffies Emerge

The naughty boys emerged from their room in their superhero pj’s but they were sporting super stiffies that barely fit in their pants.  They gave us both good night hugs and kisses and headed to their room.  Irene and I burst into stifled laughter when they closed the door.  And then she blamed me for wearing too low cut a shirt and too short a skirt and I showed her that her left tit had been out of her shirt the whole time.   I was laughing so hard my sides started to hurt and Irene was crying.  We had some great times growing up together and I think we both needed some old school fun.

A Welcome Surprise

We spent a couple more minutes laughing and reminiscing, and then I said goodnight and went down the hall to the guest room.  I had forgotten that Mel had used the tub and got naked in anticipation of a long hot shower.  I was only a little surprised to find him still in the tub with the bubbles dissipating.  What I didn’t expect to see was my panties on his face and his hard cock sticking straight up out of the water.

I wrapped a robe around my naked body, kneeled down next to the tub and slid my hand under the water.  I grabbed his dick and started to gently slide my hand up and down his rock hard member.  He startled a little and pulled my panties off of his face.  I asked him if he enjoyed sniffing my dirty crotch and he smiled.  Melvin made no attempt to get out of the tub.


Getting hot and bothered?  Yearning for panties to sniff?  My juicy panties will be available in our store soon!  In the meantime, you can purchase the audio with extra dirty details here.  Why not listen to the whole story with all the x-rated extras while you stroke your cock?  Check back to read Part 2 on Friday.  Can’t get enough panty fantasy?  Check out another naughty panty audio here.

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