Naughty Nurse Faith Gives Her First Enema – Part 2

Let’s continue with my naughty enema story! I could tell he was a little embarrassed, but that he was sporting a semi erection. It was really hot, seeing how hard he was, though, and I started getting turned on!  I put the lubricant on my middle finger and gently started to apply it to his tight asshole. As I made sure I covered it all, I could tell by expression on his face that he liked it. His erection was at full mast, all swollen and thick.

I kept massaging his asshole, sneakily slipping my middle finger in. I was pleasantly surprised, as he let out a moan. He stuck his ass higher in the air, making it more accessible to me. Still massaging his ass, I asked if he was ready. He just moaned and I knew he was mine. I took the tube and showed it to him, with all the holes running the extent of the tip. I ran my hands down his back dragging my nails along his spine, while the other hand played with his asshole, teasing it with the lubed up tip.

Slowly I pushed the tip in and pulled it out. He moaned loudly, and I asked if I hurt him. He said no, so I slowly inserted the tube again, rotating it as I pushed it in about two inches. Again, he let out another moan. I looked at his face and could see he was enjoying this a lot! My little pussy was dripping by this time!

I slipped down my scrub pants and started teasing my clit, all the while moving the tip in and out of his ass.

Grab your cock, I told him. I want to see u please yourself. He did not hesitate, he grabbed his cock and started stroking himself -long, tight strokes. I pulled out the tubing and replaced the tip with the biggest tip available and again lubed it. Inserting it I heard him moan, and he started stroking himself faster and faster. I moved the tip in and out, matching his strokes, going deeper with each thrust. It was time! I reached up and loosened the clamp, letting the hot water flow ever so slightly. Again, he moaned feeling the heat in his rectum. I walked around to the front facing him, leaving the tube in place.

Facing him, his head at crotch level, I dropped my panties on the floor. I raised on leg up to the toilet, pulling my skirt higher, giving him a better view of my dripping hole. I placed his face on my soft, smooth slit. While I held his head, I pulled his hair as I felt his tongue dip inside me. I was so hot, it took no time at all until I drenched his face with my pussy juice. I walked behind and started to fuck his ass with the enema, watching as he stoked his cock fast and hard – the enema tip going in and out with each stroke of his cock. Again, he moaned and cried, I’m close. Fuck my ass, please.

 I was only too pleased to oblige.

As he stroked his cock, I fucked his ass matching stroke for stroke. As I rammed it in and gave it one final twist, he shot his load everywhere! It seemed like he came forever as I released the last of the hot water into his ass. He collapsed over the handrail.

I went back into professional mode, and asked him if the enema was uncomfortable at all. All he could say was, OH NO. I helped him clean up, put on a new gown and helped him into bed. He was weak and smiling. I bent down and kissed the end of his nose. As I turned out the light and left the room I smiled as my thoughts went to my bedside manner and tried to figure out how to chart what had just happened.

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Or, if you want to hear this kinky story in my own words, check out my audio blog.

Thank you for reading my naughty diary!





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