Naughty Nurse Faith Gives Her First Enema – Part 1

Most of you know that I’m a nursing student, although this semester was changed drastically due to the stupid Coronavirus. I’ve been wanting to tell you about something dirty I did during my internship. For those of you who have a fascination about enema’s, or have an enema fetish, you’ll really enjoy this!

As I came on shift, I got my report as usual. There was nothing out of the ordinary going on – just a few new admissions, for routine testing. This was just standard operating procedure for my wing. Going over the nightly routine, I made a mental list of the pretesting that had to be done before 7am.

As I started my rounds, I noticed that one admission was a very young guy. I peeked in at him while he slept and discovered that he was super hot! Checking his chart, I noticed he was for a lower GI series in the morning. It was my job to get the patient ready for Xray.

For him, it entailed a pre procedure enema.

“Oh ick”, I thought, patients always loved this. The joys of nursing school! I went in the room to introduce myself as his night nurse. Upon entering, I noticed he was wide awake. “Hello” I said, “I’m your night nurse. I’m here to get you ready for your procedure in the morning. Have you ever had an enema before?” “No”, he replied. As I looked at him, I thought I saw a faint trace of a smile.

I went to collect the appropriate items for the enema. I was thinking that I should get the worst out of the way first, then the rest of the night will be a breeze. Upon entering his room, I asked him to disrobe and put on a hospital gown, easy access to the back. While he changed, I filled the bag with warm soapy water. Pulling the pole over to the bed, I hung the bag at head level. When I returned, my patient was finished changing into the gown and was just sitting on the bed, waiting for me.

I realized how attractive he was, and got a little tingly, thinking of seeing him naked.

Trying to stay professional, I continued to assemble the equipment for his procedure. I attached the tubing and clamped it, installing the smallest tip available. While I was explaining the steps of the enema, I noticed that he was getting excited. His breathing quickened, and I tried to tell myself that it was because he was nervous. That’s when I noticed the bulge under the sheet. My eyes hesitated for a moment, staring at his crotch.  Quickly, I moved my eyes, hoping he wouldn’t notice me staring.

I leaned over to push the button and lower the head of the bed. That’s when I noticed him smiling as he was peeking down my scrub top, getting a good look at my perky tits. I felt my cheeks get hot, but at the same time, my pussy started throbbing. Thankfully, he was alone in the room. This could be fun!

Maybe I can add some spice to a boring night.

I asked him to follow me to his private bathroom, dragging the pole along with us. When we were inside, I closed the door and asked him to disrobe. I assured him that this was standard operating procedure and that I had done this a hundred times before. He just smiled at me and slipped the gown off.  I asked him to stand in the tub, rest on the handrail and expose his buttocks. I placed the pole behind me, grabbing the tubing. Then I pulled out the packet of lubricant to make insertion easier. I asked him to reach around with one hand and pull his cheeks apart.

Come back on Sunday to check out Part 2 of my naughty nurse story!

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