Naughty Neverland PART TWO


Welcome back to naughty neverland! If you missed part one click here.

From that moment on, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan’s relationship changed. They would race through the woods together, fucking and sucking each other amongst the swaying trees. Pan loved testing his dominant manhood and chasing that naughty fairy all around the neverland woods.

Simultaneously, tink was such a spunky naughty little fairy. She would fly around peters head and taunt him with her perky, pixie ass. 

Until he couldn’t help himself. He would chase her through the woods with his flaming hot lost boy boner. And she would wave her pixie pussy all up in his face. And just before he would grab her. She would zoom away.


Sending peter into an even more intense frenzy of lust. Eventually, Peter would sneak up on that unsuspecting fairy ass. And pounce on her. Like a wild predator feasting on his prey. They would wrestle around in the grass, pan rubbing his junk all over that fairy’s spunky body. 

Despite how much she displayed her resistance to his lust. They both knew how badly they wanted each other. It was their little game.


Immediately, pan would grab the pixie’s ass and bend her over a tree. She would scream and squirm, but her delicate frame could not fight off the desperate, horny body of Mr. pan. He held those fighting arms above her head with such a strong force. It made Tink’s pink pussy quiver even more to experience such a strong grip.


After all, this was her childhood friend. The boy that grew up with her was now her fuck buddy. All she could think about was how much she wanted his load deep within her fairy pussy. First, she needed to bring out his animal nature even further by teasing and taunting the fuck out of him. After all, that which you resist will surely persist. And she wanted more than anything to feel his boyish manhood releasing his hot load.


Without hesitation, peter thrust his cock deep into her pussy. Vigorously and without a break. All of the neverland could hear Tink’s orgasmic cries and pans animal moaning.


For a lost boy, peter had an immense amount of cum stored up in those balls. For as soon as he’d cum, Tink would beckon his cock to release more of its juice. In the end, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan’s lust proved that we are all sexual creatures. No matter our age, gender, or biological composure.


I hope you liked my sexy story. If you want more click here

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