Naughty Neighbor – Savannah Meets Elizabeth – Part 1

The house for sale across the street was finally vacated and someone seemed to be moving in rather quickly. One day I finally caught a glimpse of my new neighbor, a cute brunette with milky skin and a petite body. She was curvy, yet fit, and had on these purple Nike running shorts and a matching sports bra which showed off her amazingly huge round tits. Little did I know, she was as much of a naughty neighbor as I was.

When I saw her, I knew I had to meet her. I baked some muffins and brewed some fresh coffee. With a carafe and a basket full of goodies, including two coffee mugs, I slipped over to her house for a visit. Hoping she would let me cum on in, I wanted to get a better view of my sexy new neighbor. 

When I knocked on the door, I realized I had caught her just as she got out of the shower!

Her hair was dripping wet and the skimpy towel around her gave me a view of her long sexy legs. I melted and my pussy gushed. She was, indeed, a goddess herself. Instantly, I knew I wanted to see what was underneath that fabric.

As her inviting words crept from her lips, I could feel my nipples hardening and my pussy pulsating. I wanted her! She had this sultry voice that just enraptured me and I started imagining the dirty, dirty things I wanted to do to her.

She said her name was Elizabeth and she had just come to the states searching for a fresh start with a new career. Honestly, I noticed her looking me up and down, checking me out. Instantaneously, it seemed like we gained a strong erotic connection. As I gazed into her gorgeous deep blue eyes, I was almost lost. 

When she spoke again, reinviting me in, I came to my senses.

Appropriately, I had worn the cutest little blue dress to show off some of my own assets. And when I entered her home, I made sure to shake my round juicy ass. I made sure she was looking when I bent down slowly to give her a view of nice perky titties. I wore no panties so she could catch sight of my little snatch when I bent down. For my intention was to tease her senses; not just allowing, but urging her to smell, and eventually taste me.

As I laid out the mugs and filled them with coffee, she asked to be excused so she could put on some clothing.

“You don’t have to.” I replied quickly.

She smiled as she said, “okay”.

At this point, I could tell she was into me and if I played my cards right, we could be enjoying a different treat.

Shortly after, she sat down in a chair at the kitchen table. We were surrounded by boxes, but I didn’t care. I only had one thing on my mind… whether her pussy tasted as good as she smelled! As I bent down and poured coffee into her mug, I could feel myself inching towards her more and more. 

Then, my naughty neighbor started stroking my leg with the palm of her hand!

Before I knew it, I was engaged in a deep kiss and her hands were squeezing my plump cheeks from under my dress. She arose, and the towel that was surrounding her tight body, dropped to the floor. Oh my, her perfect body beamed with soft glowing skin!

Her lips tasted like honey and her skin smelled just as sweet!


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