Naughty Neighbor: Catholic school girl loses her virginity Part Two

“Shawn what are you doing?,” I whispered, looking down at the floor, I was getting really nervous. “Relax sweetie” , he said“I know you are a good girl, Brianna. Don’t worry though, I’ll look after you. I will go easy on you at first” I know you are a virgin of course!

“What do you mean Shawn? I asked. I was confused but i knew this wasn’t really right. This college man was being so naughty!

My naughty neighbor stood me up and pulled the skirt down slowly, over my tight little bottom and down my legs, and started helping out of my uniform. He poked fun at the bunny rabbits on my underwear, pulling those down too and throwing them across the room.

His strong arms lifted me on to the kitchen table, and he spread my legs. I quivered as he blew his hot breath onto my exposed my wee wee and started licking it in slow circles, inserting one finger into my tight hole. I felt a moan come out of me as he picked up speed. It felt wrong what this man was doing to me but so good at the same time! Just then he took off my white button-up shirt of my uniform revealing my perky little chest before lying down on the table and arching my back in pleasure.

Just as I felt my wetness down there building, he pulled away, leaving me begging for more.

My naughty neighbor flicked his tongue over my hard nipples before sucking and biting on my neck and small chest. He kept calling them “titties”

“Now I dare you to unzip my pants Brianna” Shawn said in a teasing voice. Strange urges that I never felt before suddenly took over me, and my hands went straight toward his wee wee. I undid his belt and unzipped his jeans, revealing his big hard rock wee wee, which was so huge! I knew this was not the way my parents raised me and not the way a Catholic girl should behave! but I just couldn’t help it…

I looked up at him standing over me. “What are you gonna do to me now, Shawn?

He ran the tip of his wee wee up and down my wee wee, applying extra pressure on my little hole. As he was inserting himself inside me, he grabbed my ponytails, pulling on them. He buried himself deep inside my wee wee and started pumping so much harder now. My little “titties” as he called them, bounced a little, and the table shook.

It hurt but it felt so good at the same time!

While I screamed , he let go of my hair, putting two fingers in my mouth for me to suck on. I ran my tongue over them, and he moaned, slamming his big wee wee into my tight little wee wee over and over. His other hand held my side, pinning me onto the table as I took as much of him as I could.

“You’re loving this big wee wee, aren’t you,?” he groaned, slapping my bum cheek lightly as I nodded. 

I felt a warm feeling down there rush over me suddenly, and I screamed, throwing my head back and begging him not to stop. He kept pushing his big wee in me until there was white liquid coming out of it!

Then my naughty neighbor pulled me off the table and put me on my knees in front of him.

Shawn shot his liquid off into my mouth and told me what a good girl I was. He told me to swallow it and lick the tip of his wee wee clean. He scooped me up into his arms, and I wrapped my legs around his bare body. I still couldn’t believe what just happened. He kissed my neck again and slapped my little bottom once more.

“Brianna.” He moaned. “You were amazing sweetie!” Please come by anytime my parents are away. Just don’t ever tell YOUR parents! After all, we wouldn’t want them to know you haven’t been a nice Catholic girl would we?!! 

Well as it turns out I ended up having all Shawn’s friend’s wees wees that day too! They all took turns coming in the kitchen one by one putting it inside of me pumping my hole sticking that white cream all over me. I loved it so much!

Maybe I wouldn’t be going to heaven, but I had found my own paradise!

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