Naughty Neighbor: Catholic school girl looses her virginity Part One

I would like to tell you about the time I lost my virginity to a naughty neighbor! I remember it was a very hot day and I was walking home from school. Even though my skirt was quite short and my hair was in ponytails, I was still sweating bullets. My dad was Catholic and really religious back then. I usually came straight home from school everyday and I never really had much fun. 

I sighed with relief as the front door of my house finally came into view. The long walks home from school in the mid-afternoon sun were really getting on my nerves. I dropped my school bag and bent over on the front porch to find my keys.

Just then I could feel my skirt blowing in the soft wind revealing my little panties and I quickly pulled it back down!

I groaned as I realized they weren’t there,  I must have dropped them on the way home. It was 3:45pm, and I knew my parents weren’t even going to be leaving work until six! It was too hot to sit outside!

Looking around, my eyes landed on my neighbor’s red front door. The Smith’s had moved in pretty recently. Although I had only met the man once, he seemed pretty nice. I had seem him with his wife and son a few times and I could tell he was a good family man. So I was sure he wouldn’t mind me hanging out and doing homework for a couple of hours.

I approached the door and rang the bell twice. No answer. I could hear really loud music coming from inside and lots of laughter. I pouted but decided to try one more time. Just as I was about to turn back down the driveway, the door opened.

A young man who looked about 18 or 19 answered the door. I recognized him quickly, he was Mr. Smith’s son. “Hey there”! he said with a smile on his face. This young man was shirtless, showing off his big arms and tan.”Sorry Sweetheart I just heard the bell now, I guess our music is a bit too loud huh?! he laughed. I looked behind him, I could see a bunch of other guys drinking from plastic cups all being very loud in the living room. Some of them were in tank tops and some of them had their shits off as well. I figured it was because of the hot weather My jaw dropped, and my face blushed dark red. 

I had never saw a man with shit off that close before!

He noticed my surprise and laughed. “Sorry hun, I’ve probably caught you off guard. “Hey guys turn the music down” he yelled at at the other guys in the room. “It’s Brianna, right? I nodded wondering how he knew my name. “My dad told me he met you the other day” he said, as if he read my mind. “My name is Shawn. Is everything okay?”

“Oh well, I’m so sorry to bother you Shawn, but I’ve lost my keys. My parents won’t be home for hours, and it’s so hot outside. I thought maybe I could hang out here for a little while? But I can see your busy having a party. I’m sorry I bothered you. I’ll just go to my friend’s house around the corner, nice meeting you” I said embarrassed.  I twirled my ponytails with my hand, suddenly very aware of the fact he was looking me up and down. I was about to turn away, Shawn quickly stopped me. ” No no, it’s no bother at all hun, he said with a wink. Please come in. I was really nervous and I hesitated for a moment but finally followed him in.

I felt so awkward passing by all these half dressed guys starring down at me at the party.

Shawn led me into the kitchen and closed the door shut. He told me to put all my stuff on the kitchen table.

I thanked him and took out my book from my school bag hoping to just keep my head down and not embarrass myself.

“You must be nearly finished with the school year, right?” he asked while sitting down next to me.“Yeah, I have about a month left.  I smiled, giggling slightly as this young man moved closer to me.

I’m in my third year of college he said. It’s our last day of school today. Since my parents are away this weekend we decided to have our last Frat party here.  “Ohh” I said with a shy giggle. I don’t know a lot about parties, my dad is really old fashioned.

Yes I kinda figured that… Shawn said with a bit of a smirk I bet you’ll be glad to get a break from that uniform , even if the boys love it,” he joked.  I was a bit confused by his comment..

“It’s really uncomfortable, actually,” I responded, pulling it down over my bare thighs as much as I could.

“Well, we can’t have that, can we?” the cute young man whispered in my ear, his mouth almost touching me. “I dare you to let me take it off for you?!”

I was in shock!  How dare he ask me to do such a thing! I was so young and innocent then and I knew I wasn’t supposed to take my clothes off in front of a man! He was such a naughty neighbor! Before I knew it, Shawn was kissing me.. My heart was racing, and I felt my little bald wee wee getting wet as he moved his fingers slowly over my thighs and under my skirt, playing with the fabric of my underwear. It was a strange feeling that I never felt before. My naughty neighbor kissed my neck and bit down on the lobe of my ear softly, sending shock waves through my entire body…

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