Naughty Neighbor – Savannah Meets Elizabeth – Part 2

I held her face as I leaned in for another deep sensual kiss and, with my tongue and lips, worked my way down to her neck while breathing in the beautiful scent of my naughty neighbor.

She moaned and the excitement drove me into a complete frenzy. So, I slid my fingers towards her soft slit and coaxed out the juices that were already on the verge of dripping from her slippery hole. Then, I used the slick substance as lubricant as I circled and massaged her hardening clit. Meanwhile, I continued with my lips, kissing and sucking down her chest, straight to her perfect breasts. My tongue caressed her nipples with such gentility as she brushed my hair back from my face with one hand and rubbed my shoulder with the other.

She must have been excited because when my breath hit her other nipple, she pulled my head in further and I began to suck harder, enclosing the entire areola into my mouth. I pushed my fingers inside her slit. Her pussy seemed to hold on as I pumped in and out of her amazingly tight hole. 

When she came, She gushed so hard that the cream ran down my hand to my wrist. I pulled my fingers out of her and savored the flavor of that British cream. So sweet, like honeysuckles in the spring. Yes, she did taste as wonderful as she smelled. Maybe even better.

As I cleaned my soaking hand she continued to drip onto the floor. It was amazing how much juice was gushing from her amazing little fuckhole.

I craved it, needed it!

I gave her a sensual kiss while teasing her clit. Then, I went after the prize! I enjoyed, as her honey dripped straight from the pot, onto my tongue and into my open mouth. Truly the flavor was amazing and the warmth was felt all the way down to my tummy.

“Savannah, can we go in the bedroom?”

We were boxed in, literally, and I did not want this moment to end. Quickly, I lifted my body from the squatting position and she kissed me gently as she took my hand. She led me to the room. Then, she lifted my dress over my arms caressing my warm smooth body with her fingertips as she undressed me.

After I was completely bare, exposed for her pleasure, she patted the bed.

“Please, sit down.”

Instantly, I gladly complied.

She began kissing me deep, tempting every inch of my body to succumb to her will. 

I shifted my hips to place myself even further on the bed. She spread my legs wide open, gave me a flirty seductive glare, and proceeded to tongue my little wet slit while massaging my clit with her soft fingers. Oh my! Obviously, she knew what she was doing! My body jerked as my legs wrapped around her. I could not help but hold her head down further with her tongue buried deep, so deep, in my tight pussy.

My eruptive orgasm was followed by her cleaning every drop from my excited snatch.

Then, she crawled on the bed with me, lifted my ass, straddled my leg, and began sliding her pussy across mine. This was truly intense as our juices mixed and the friction was nothing less than amazing! Back and forth, my sensitivity was heightened and when she came, the excitement drove me into a strong orgasm of my own!

We laid back, rested; then chatted a bit before I slipped my little dress back on and shimmied back across the street.

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  1. Anonymous April 20, 2022 at 8:47 pm

    That is beautiful erotic writing…Yes pure eroticicism!! I’m streaming…


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