Naughty Maid and Your Bad Day – Sophia Gets Punished – Part 1

As I finish wiping down the mantle, I pause to admire my work. Being a clean freak certainly has its perks, especially when I get off on being your naughty maid. I smile at the thought of you coming home to a nice clean home, giving me all the praise for what a good girl I’ve been. 

As I wipe the sweat off my brow and walk around the room, I pause in front of the full length mirror we placed in the living room while we were remodeling our bedroom. I straighten the short black and white skirt that barely covers my thong.

A smile grows on my face, knowing this is exactly how you like me: barely clothed and sweating.

I hear the door open, so I rush to my place; on my knees with my hands in my lap. You walk in the door, but you don’t approach me as usual. On a typical day, you’d set your things down and pat my head, remarking on how nice things look. Instead, you silently walk right past me. Although confused, I don’t move from my place. 

I look over my shoulder to see you pull out a bright white handkerchief. I smile proudly as you wipe the mantle, knowing not a speck of dust will be found. My smile quickly fades as you turn to look at me, a smirk on your own face. 

“Kitten, you know I work very hard at the office. I expect to come home to a clean home.”

“Yes sir” I squeak, not fully understanding what is going on. 

“As per usual, the place looks flawless, my naughty maid. But I’ve had a bad day, and I need release. I’m going to look for any reason to find that release.”

I fight to not let my jaw drop.

It’s been a long time since you’ve had a day bad enough to punish me. As you walk around the room with your handkerchief, my inner service sub begins to panic. Simultaneously, the pain slut inside me hopes you find what you’re looking for. 

As you walk past the bookshelf, panic boils inside of me as I realize I forgot to dust it today. After one wipe, you realize this as well, turning slowly with an evil grin on your face. I look down at my hands, hiding my own grin as I hear you unbuckle your belt. 

“Time for some fun kitten. Assume the position.” I lift my head to look at you. Your eyes are filled with this primal craze I’ve only seen a few times. My heart begins to race as I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. Although my mind is filled with hesitancies, I still crawl onto the couch and into position. I sit on my knees with my arms resting on the back of the couch, my ass vulnerable to your bad day. Your footsteps grow closer. I wince, knowing what’s about to come.


I hope you enjoyed PART 1 of my naughty maid blog! Please come back on Friday to read part 2! If you can’t wait until Friday, you can purchase my audio blog and hear this story in my sexy voice!


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