The perfect red-blooded American family lifestyle always includes filthy naughty family playtime! The perfect family bonding time includes X-rated activities! Nothing makes me wetter than Family Fridays. I absolutely love being a naughty incest cum dumpster. My perfect little family and I are always so nasty and horny with each other. We all love being kinky incest fucks. Our family never keeps our hands to ourselves. And we all love trying new things with each other too. Experimentation is our forte and we love to spice things up. As you can see, my family is very different from your average American family. We love being so nasty together. My kinky Dad and big brothers love to spend time with me in the dirtiest ways. Our naughty family playtime is characterized by the filthiest role-plays and kinks! And usually the guys take on the domination roles. I consider myself to be the luckiest teen slut. My dirty family has taught me how to be their nasty little incest princess. I was trained like an obedient submissive whore. The perfect subby slut.

My favorite time is family playtime!

We all love relieving our stress by taking turns fucking each other in one big hot incest orgy! Our naked bodies always end up in a tangled mess by the end of the night. First, I like to put my pretty little mouth to work. I enjoy using my slutty teen mouth to slurp on my dad’s and brother’s big thick cocks. Naughty family playtime is a complete free-for-all! I look forward to it every single Friday! We like to call it “Family Friday” for a reason. The whole day, I am usually just dripping wet in anticipation. I think about all the sexy kinky things we will try together. During the whole day, all I can think about is how I can’t wait for my dirty holes to be fucked and filled. My mom and I both get so turned on by being used up by my dad and two older brothers. We usually sext each other all day long while at work and tease each other senselessly! Their big thick cocks make my pink teen cunnie so fucking wet. They love fucking me like the little family gang bang whore I am.

Our incest orgies are the hottest.

My dad’s and brother’s cocks leak pre-cum deep inside all my holes. Their cocks always drip for my hot young holes. They beg to empty their tight cum filled balls all over me. I drive them crazy and together we do the filthiest things. They will even make me taste my own pussy and ass juices on their cocks. Every single friday, I am their submissive fuck toy. During naughty family playtime, they will double stuff holes all together. They love to degrade my mom and I together until they are about to burst. And just when they are ready to pop, my Dad and my older brothers then jerk themselves all over my face. The oozing of their hot warm cum all over my cheeks, forehead, and lips make me so wet!

Do you want to know how last Family Friday went? Make sure to check out part 2! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog.

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