Naughty Dreams, Aria falls victim to a vampire part two

Quick as a flash he flipped me and shoved my face and chest into the wall. He positioned me so that my back is arched and ass is sticking out. With only the sound of our breathing, and the distinctive sound of his zipper filling the alley, my panties were pulled down to my ankles. The next thing I felt was the length of his shaft sliding along the apex of my thighs, teasing me by rubbing the thing I wanted the most against my most sensitive area. My naughty dream turned torturous. 

I felt his chest lean in and press against my back. His lips grazed the back of my neck and he brushed my long dark hair out of the way, exposing my neck. His lips were feather soft at first, as he slowly thrusted his cock along my aching, dripping, awaiting slit. I could feel his smile on my skin as I tried to grind my ass to motivate him to do more.

His hands roamed up my body until he had the straps of my dress and he was pulling them off my shoulders to expose my perky breasts and rock hard nipples. He trapped a nipple in each hand and thrusted a little faster. I sighed in pleasure, letting my head fall to the side to bare my throat to him. His hum of approval reached me, and I suddenly felt the foreign sensation of sharp fangs gently grazing the tender flesh at the crook of my throat…

When I didn’t flinch away, his hum turned into a pleased growl.

Too fast for my human senses to follow, his cock and fangs both plunged into me at the same time. I was surprised for both penetrations and my strangled cry announced that. His cock was far bigger than I anticipated. I had never felt something so thick inside me, stretching my poor unsuspecting pussy. But with the sweet infusion of pleasure, came the piercing shock of pain in my neck.

I felt the thin warm trail of blood snake down my neck and to the small swell of my breast. He took three slow, long pulls from the vein before he extracted his fangs and let his tongue lazily lap up any remnants of my life source.

With panting breath from the onslaught of something so erotic, he began his assault. I cried out once again as he moved his impossibly thick shaft in and out of my throbbing and stretched hole. He rolled my hard nipples between his fingers and picked up speed. His pelvis hitting my toned bare ass so hard that it felt like I was being paddled as well.

My legs shook with effort as his speed progressively increased until he was going faster than is humanly possible. He was a blur of motion, but I felt every single thrust. I was dripping fluids faster than I ever had before. A puddle of juices formed on the ground beneath me. My moans were feverish, frantic, the words that flew out of my mouth were things I had never said aloud before.

His cock seemed to coax the nastiest, kinkiest things from deep within me.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I swear I felt my soul detach from my body so I could float above and see exactly what it looked like for me to receive such a vicious pounding. This assault went on for over an hour before his hands slid down my taut stomach and his fingertips pinched my swollen clit. He latched onto it and didn’t let go as the strength of his thrusts increased tenfold.

My whole body was smashed into the wall over and over, my clit trapped in his grip. With a scream loud enough to be heard for miles, I climaxed around his forearm sized cock. I no longer had the strength to hold myself up. He pulled out of me and flipped me back to face him. He lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, his hands cradled my ass and he speared my core all over again. I whimpered softly as a result.

He leaned in and whispered into my ear darkly. “I hope you aren’t thinking we are done… I have a few hours yet before I cum…” He pulled back in time to see my wide eyed and somewhat terrified expression.

Several more hours of this kind of torture? He’d break me.

But that was exactly what he did. With his vampire speed, he carried me straight to my home and defiled my body until I broke. But the strangest thing was that once he finally came… It was like a healing salve. Reviving my pussy for more. After six straight hours with a cock the size of a forearm splitting me in half, naughty dream or not, I was his willing blood whore.

Anything for him, as long as he kept fucking me like that…

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